10 Interesting Flamingo Facts

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Flamingo facts are common to notice among people. Flamingo is unique bird. Therefore many people want to know more about this bird. Are you one of those people? I want to share information related to such bird below.

Flamingo Facts 1: the species

First fact is related to species. There are only 6 flamingo species around the world. You can find those birds globally especially around Europe, Middle East, South America, Africa, and also Caribbean.

Flamingo Facts 2: the name

Learning about flamingo is to find out the origin of the name as well. Flamingo comes from Latin and Spanish word “flamenco”. It has the meaning of fire. The reason is because the color of the feathers. Do you think the same?

Flamingo Cute

Flamingo Cute

Flamingo Facts 3: strength

It is true that flamingos are very strong. Yet, they rarely conduct swimming. In fact, they also are powerful fliers. People don’t believe this because the bird only often wading within their habitat.

Flamingo Facts 4: feeding activity

There is a usual activity when the bird conducts feeding. They often hold the bills in the state of upside down. They do this for about several hours each day. The purpose is to filter out the food and also skim the water.

Flamingo facts

Flamingo facts

Flamingo Facts 5: crop milk

Any adult flamingos usually feed their babies with crop milk. The duration is for 5 up to 12 days after they hatch. The milk is very nutritious for the chicks to grow up. It is different from mammalian milk actually.

Flamingo Facts 6: flamingo chicks

Flamingo chicks are born in gray or also white color. To gain the pink and mature color, they require time about 3 years. The adult color can be red plumage or also orange.

Flamingo Flies

Flamingo Flies

Flamingo Facts 7: carotenoid pigments

The unique color of flamingo’ feathers are caused by carotenoid pigments. It comes from their food. Their food is plankton, shrimp, crustaceans, and also algae.

Flamingo Facts 8:  greater flamingo

There is certain species of flamingo named greater flamingo. In fact, it is the largest species among other flamingos. It has the size of 5 feet tall. The weight is 8 pounds.

James's Flamingo

James’s Flamingo

Flamingo Facts 9: gregarious birds

They love to gather with others. They can be considered as gregarious birds. They cannot do well in small flocks.

Flamingo Facts 10: Andean flamingo

There is a threatened flamingo species named Andean flamingo. The estimation, there is only 30,000 left in the wild life.

Caribbean flamingo

Caribbean flamingo

It is great to read facts about Flamingo. This bird is beautiful. People can read more facts from different source as well.

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