10 Interesting Mongoose Facts

Wednesday, August 6th 2014. | Animals

Find out the interesting Mongoose Facts if you want to know the trivia, opinion and the popular belief about the animal. You can see mongoose in Asia, Africa, and Europe. It is famous a predator of poisonous snakes. Here are the detail facts about Mongoose for you:

Mongoose Facts 1: species

There are 33 species included as members in the family of Mongoose. All of them are the small carnivorous animals. They live inside burrows.

Mongoose Facts 2: physical appearance

Let’s find out the physical appearance of mongoose. Most of them are characterized with short legs, long faces, long sleek body and tapering tails. The body is filled with short fur. You can have it in the pattern of gray or brown.

Mongoose and Cobra

Mongoose and Cobra

Mongoose Facts 3: Meerkat

If you look at the physical appearance of mongoose, it will remind you with a meerkat or a weasel. One of the members in the mongoose family is a meerkat. To look at the environment in detail, most mongoose members will stand on the hind legs. Learn more on meerkat facts here.

Mongoose Facts 4: fast moving

You will amazed when a mongoose want to avoid the strike of a snake. They can move fast so that the snakes cannot get them.  The speed of mongoose is around 60 km per hour or 37 miles per hour.

Mongoose and Predators

Mongoose and Predators

Mongoose Facts 5: nocturnal animals

There are some nocturnal mongoose types in the world. They tend to sleep during the daylight. At night, they are very active.

Mongoose Facts 6: weight, length and life span

Mongoose can live 20 years.  In average, it has the length from 18 to 64 cm and the weight of 340 gram to 5 kg.

Mongoose and Snakes

Mongoose and Snakes

Mongoose Facts 7: diet

Mongoose likes to eat worms, beetles, insects, snakes, lizards, snails and many more. The animal is carnivorous. It means that it eats other animals.

Mongoose Facts 8: mating

When mongooses are mating, they produce giggling sound.  Most female mongooses will produce four pups in a litter. They will get pregnant once in a year.

Mongoose Facts

Mongoose Facts

Mongoose Facts 9: the white-tailed mongoose

The white-tailed mongoose is considered as the largest type of mongoose. It has the weight of 4 kg or 9 lb. The length is around 1 m or 40 inches.

Mongoose Facts 10: habitat

You can find that mongooses live in forest and plains. They will create a territorial marking by using the large anal scent gland.



The type of mongoose included as an endangered animal is the Madagascar mongoose. Do you want to comment on facts about mongoose?

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