10 Interesting Stegosaurus Facts

Thursday, October 8th 2015. | Animals

Stegosaurus Facts tell you about the animals included in the genus of stegosaurid dinosaur. The meaning of the word is covered lizard or roof lizard. It gets the name because of the bony plates that the stegosaurus has. The animals lived in the present day western North America around 150 to 150 million years ago. It was in the late Jurassic period. The experts believed that Stegosaurus was living in the present day Europe because of the discovery of Stegosaurus specimen in Portugal in 2006. Check other interesting facts about Stegosaurus below:

Stegosaurus Facts 1: the recognizable dinosaur

Stegosaurus is very easy to recognize due to the presence of plates and spikes on the body.

Stegosaurus Facts 2: the upper Morrison formation

In the Upper Morrison formation, there were three species which had been identified by the experts.

Stegosaurus Facts

Stegosaurus Facts

Stegosaurus Facts 3: the unique body posture

The body posture of Stegosaurus is very unique and different from the rest of dinosaurs. It is herbivorous animal which has large and heavy body. Talking about the body, it has the stiffened tail, short for limb, rounded back and plates. The brain to body mass ratio of stegosaurus is very low.

Stegosaurus Facts 4: the function of spikes

Stegosaurus has spikes all over the body. The main function of the spikes is for defence mechanism.

Stegosaurus Pic

Stegosaurus Pic

Stegosaurus Facts 5: the food

The main food for Stegosaurus is the low lying shrubs and bushes for this dinosaur has the small head and short neck.

Stegosaurus Facts 6: The quadrupedal Stegosaurus

The easiest stegosaurus to identify is the quadrupedal Stegosaurus. Check the area along the rounded back. You can see the unique double row of kite shaped plates.  At the end of the tail, you can find the two pairs of spikes.

Stegosaurus Picture

Stegosaurus Picture

Stegosaurus Facts 7: the size

Stegosaurus is not really big if you compare it with the giant sauropods. The large species of Setgosaurus can reach the length at 30 feet to 9 meter. Find facts about Giganotosaurus here.

Stegosaurus Facts 8: the feet

There were three toes located at the hind feet. There were five toes for each fore foot. A blunt roof was found on the inner two toes.

Stegosaurus Specimen

Stegosaurus Specimen

Stegosaurus Facts 9: the pads

The pads were presented behind the toes. They were used to support the four limbs of stegosaurus. Get facts about dinosaur here.

Stegosaurus Facts 10: the position of the head

The position of the head of stegosaurus was less than 3.3 feet or 1 meter when it stood. Therefore, it had low positioned head.



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