10 Interesting Mammal Facts

Tuesday, July 1st 2014. | Animals

Mammal Facts inform you with the type of animal in the world which have many members. There are 4,200 species of mammals in the world. Echidna and Duck Billed Platypus are the members of mammals which hatch the young from the eggs. Let’s find out facts about mammals in the following post below:

Mammal Facts 1: Hooded Seals

The shortest childhood of mammal is faced by hooded seals. The seals only have to spend four days as a young seal. They will be called as an adult seal after four days.

Mammal Facts 2: bats

Bats are not birds. They are mammals.  The animals cannot stand right side up. It makes them hang upside down on the cave to trees. The bats are equipped with thin leg bones which make them unable to hold on the body weight. Learn more in bat facts.

Mammal Facts

Mammal Facts

Mammal Facts 3: a polar bear

Another kind of mammal is a polar bear. It actually does not have white color.   The shaggy and long hair actually comes in hollow and colorless look. The sunlight makes the hair look like a white color. You can see black skin underneath the hair.

Mammal Facts 4: Hippopotamuses

Even though most predators live underwater, you need to know that hippopotamus breastfeeds the young and gives birth to it under water.

Mammal Pic

Mammal Pic

Mammal Facts 5: Elephants

Mammal can be found in land too.  The biggest one is elephant. The ear is very large. It also has huge feet. The weight of the elephant is around 5 tons.  You will never see any foot prints of a elephant because it can spread the weight well.

Mammal Facts 6: habitat

You can find mammals in any kinds of environment. They live on land, underground and ocean.  The mammal which can fly is bat.

Mammal Placental

Mammal Placental

Mammal Facts 7: types of mammals

There are three kinds of mammals. You can find the live young, marsupials and egg laying mammals. The types of mammals are categorized based on how the mammals take care the young and give birth to it.

Mammal Facts 8: live young

The mammals include the live young mammals. They are often called as placental mammals.  The mammals will give birth to live young.

Mammal Seal

Mammal Seal

Mammal Facts 9: marsupial animals

The mammals included in the marsupials are opossum, koala and kangaroo.  They carry the young on a special pouch of the body.

Mammal Facts 10: Egg laying

The egg laying mammal includes the long nosed spiny anteater and platypus. Most people call them as monitories.

Mammal Tyles

Mammal Types

Blue whale is called as the largest mammal in the world. The length of the body is around 80 feet. It lives on the ocean. Are you fascinated with facts about mammal?

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