10 Interesting Wildlife Facts

Thursday, April 20th 2017. | Animals

Wildlife Facts will tell the readers about the undomesticated animal species. They include fungi, plants and animals. People do not introduce them to the wild because the organisms have already lived or grown in the wild. The wildlife can be found in various types of ecosystems such as grasslands, plains, rain forests, forests and deserts. Let us find out other impressive facts about wildlife below:

Wildlife Facts 1: the human factors

The human factors are important to determine to wildlife. Some people believe that the human factors are not presented in the wildlife. However, others believe that human activities affect the wildlife.

Wildlife Facts 2: separation from wildlife

Human settlement is separated from the wildlife because of the sense of morality, social and legality.

Wildlife Image

Wildlife Image

Wildlife Facts 3: the adaptation

Some animals have adapted well to live along the human beings. The animals include mice, dogs, cats and gerbils.

Wildlife Facts 4: the status of the animals

Some animals receive the status as sacred animals according to some religions. Look at facts about White Lions here.

Facts about Wildlife

Facts about Wildlife

Wildlife Facts 5: protest

It is very common to have a protest related to the animal’s cruelty and exploration of wildlife for both activities may bring the negative effect to the environment.

Wildlife Facts 6: the wildlife population

In 1970 until 2014, the rate of wildlife reduction reached 52 percent globally. It was reported by the World Wildlife Fund. Check facts about wasp here.



Wildlife Facts 7: the wildlife in the past

During the pastime, wildlife provided food for the hunter-gatherers and Stone Age people. They got animals and plants as the foods. In the present days, some people still rely on the fishing, hunting and gathering foods from the wildlife environment.

Wildlife Facts 8: the bush meat

Have you ever heard about the bush meat? It is used to call meat source taken from the wildlife. In many parts of the world, people enjoy fishing and hunting as a form of recreation and sport.

Wildlife Pic

Wildlife Pic

Wildlife Facts 9: wildlife in Asia

The wildlife in Asia is declining because of the people are interested to enjoy the traditional foods taken from the wild animals such as pangolins, primates and sharks.

Wildlife Facts 10: the illegal market

Wildlife is often sold in the illegal market. There was a report, which stated that the price of a wild-caught marmoset was five Peruvian soles or $1.60.  Other animals sold illegally included armadillos, turtle’s eggs, turtles, peccaries, and anacondas.

Wildlife Facts

Wildlife Facts

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