10 Interesting Bear Facts

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Bear facts come with essential information about the habitat, diet and unique features that explain the interesting and cute animal. Bears are always identified with their cute and funny look. You can see many bear dolls sold in the stores. However, the carnivorous animals are agile, powerful and strong. There are many species of bears spreading around the world. If you are fascinated on bears, read the following facts about bear bellow.

Bear Facts 1: Species

As I have stated before bears have some species to note. Some of them include the American black bear, polar bear, giant pandas, Asian black bear, brown pandas, etc. The species can be seen in various regions such as South America, North America, Asia and Europe.

Bear Facts 2: Brown Bear and Polar Bear

From the eight species of bears, you can differentiate them based on the weight. The largest weight is seen on brown and polar bears. The brown bear is weighting around 2200 pounds. The polar bear is smaller around 1500 pounds. The smallest one is seen on sun bear and giant panda. They are only weighting around 300 pounds. Another marine animal is explained on coral reef facts.



Bear Facts 3: Asian Black Bears

If you want to see the medium size bears, you need to note on the Asian black bears.  They have a black body with yellowish white fur located on the chest. The animals live on Russia and southwest Asia. Get more info about a big animal on gorilla facts.

Bear Facts 4: Giant Pandas

Even though it is named as a giant panda, the animal is included as bear. It has different physical appearance compared to other species. The body is black with white face, black spot eye and black ears. You can see giant panda on China. Polar bears live in a cold region. They have thick fur which can protect them from the cool air.  Their habitat is Alaska, Arctic and northern Canada. They like to hunt fish, seal, and walrus.

brown bear

brown bear

Bear Facts 5: Sloth Bears

Sloth bears have unique look. The fur is shaggy with a white chest mark. They can be found on the scrubland, grassland and forest.

Bear Facts 6: Spectacled Bears

The only bears inhabit the south American are spectacled bears. They like to live in high place.  You can see them hiking the altitude around 3300 to 8900 feet above the sea level.

polar bear

polar bear

Bear Facts 7: Ursavus Elemensis

Ursavus elemensis is known as the dawn bears.  Many experts believe that they are the ancestor of the all 8 bear species in this modern world. The dawn bears look like a small dog. Their habitat is in subtropical forest.

Bear Facts 8: Endangered Species

All 8 bears are subject to extinction. The most threatened ones are the giant pandas with the population of 1600 individuals.

grizzly bear

grizzly bear

Bear Facts 9: Winter Sleep

When the winter comes, most bears inhabited the northern region will go into a deep sleep. Experts state that it is not a true hibernation for the temperature of their body is not lowered.

Bear Facts 10: Polar Bears

The most skillful swimmer from all bear species is polar bear. This animal can swim deep down the sea to hunt their prey.

bear facts

bear facts

Learning about bears is a nice activity with your kids. You can tell them on how to preserve the surrounding area or give other animal a place to live. Do you have more information on facts about bear?

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