10 Interesting Snail Facts

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Get the interesting Snail Facts in the below post. This animal is the example of terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs.   The term snail is often used to call all land snails. The shell of snails is in coiled look. The coiled shell is big enough to hold the entire body. Here are other facts about snail for you:

Snail Facts 1: the usage of the word snail

The word snail in general is used to call the land snail. But it can be used to call the freshwater snails and sea snails.

Snail Facts 2: the slugs

The word slug is used to call the snail like animals. Slug is characterized with only an internal shell and naturally lack of shell. The semi slugs are used to call the land snails with a very small shell. It makes them unable to retract inside the shell. Get facts about slugs here.



Snail Facts 3: a pest

Some people consider the snails as garden and agricultural pests. The people do anything to make them stay away from their field. However, some species of land snails are treated as household pets. Other are used to create delicious foods.

Snail Facts 4: how to get rid from the snail pest

The farmers and gardeners can do many things to decrease the snails.  Most of them use the traditional pesticides to kill the snails. If you are interested with the less toxin control of snails, use the wormwood solution or concentrated garlic solution. Find out facts about segmented worms here.

Snail Facts

Snail Facts

Snail Facts 5: the copper metal

Do you know that copper metal is also great to repel the snails from the valuable plants? You just have to install a copper band around the flowers or trees to prevent the snails climbing the valuable plants.

Snail Facts 6: the biological pest control agent

The biological pest control agent is Rumina decollate or the decollate snail.   The garden snails will be captured an eaten by the decollate snail.

Snail Image

Snail Image

Snail Facts 7: the edible snails

There are some edible snails served in French restaurants. One of the famous cuisines with snails is Escargot à la Bourguignonne.

Snail Facts 8: heliciculture

Heliciculture is the technique that people use to rear snails for food.

Snail Picture

Snail Picture

Snail Facts 9: the cultivation of snails

The cultivation of snails is not easy to do. But you can learn it. The wired cage should be prepared to keep the snails in dark place.

Snail Facts 10: the prepared snails

The snails are prepare for cooking if the snails have release most of their mucus. Usually it happens during the rainy period.

Facts about Snails

Facts about Snails

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