10 Interesting Monarch Butterfly Facts

Wednesday, September 18th 2013. | Animals

Get the information about the American butterfly in Monarch Butterfly facts. Many people love to see the Monarch butterfly because of its wonderful appearance. It has the white, black and orange wings. Despite the amazing color, the color of the wings presents the sign of poisonous and foul tasting animal. Here are the famous facts about monarch butterfly:

Monarch Butterfly Facts 1: Habitat

One of the most prominent types of butterfly found in US, Canada and Mexico is Monarch butterfly. The animals will spend their time to reach Sierra Nevada Mountain or Southern California for the migration. See bee facts to know another flying animal.

Monarch Butterfly Facts 2: Diet

When the Monarch butterfly grows up into adult, it needs flowers to get the nectar. While when the butterfly is in the larval stage caterpillar, it only eats the milkweed.

monarch butterflies

monarch butterflies

Monarch Butterfly Facts 3: Eggs

When the Monarch butterfly reproduces, it will go to the plant with milkweed to lay the eggs. The milkweed actually is poisonous.  That’s why this butterfly is poisonous.

Monarch Butterfly Facts 4: Population

When the winter times come, millions monarch butterflies travel to reach the Mexico.

monarch butterfly  and flower

monarch butterfly and flower

Monarch Butterfly Facts 5: Travelling

It seems that monarch butterfly is a good flyer. In a day, the animal can reach at least 50 to 100 miles.  To reach the winter habitat, the monarch butterfly will spend about two months to reach the place.

Monarch Butterfly Facts 6: Finding Monarch Butterfly

Finding monarch butterfly is easy to do. If you find milk weed, you can find monarch butterfly. They are spreading around the southern Canada, Central America, pacific coast and Atlantic coast.

monarch butterfly  phase

monarch butterfly phase

Monarch Butterfly Facts 7: Migratory Pattern

The monarch butterfly living on the east side of Rocky Mountain has the migratory pattern on the Mexico. The animal living in the west side of rocky mountain likes to migrate on the southern California.

Monarch Butterfly Facts 8: Reproduction

It seems that we do not need to worry about the population of monarch butterfly. In one summer, monarch butterfly can reproduce four generation.

monarch butterfly  in May

monarch butterfly in May

Monarch Butterfly Facts 9: The First Three Generation

The first generation of Monarch butterfly will move to the northern area. The life span is short. They can only live for about 2 until 6 weeks. See another species in butterfly facts.

Monarch Butterfly Facts 10: The Fourth Generation

The fourth generation produced by monarch butterfly has longer life. They can live until 9 months. When the winter times come, they will choose to migrate on southern California or Mexico.

monarch butterfly photo

monarch butterfly photo

The main threat of Monarch butterfly is not the predator but climate change. The animals cannot resist to the cold winter. Even though some of them can resist to the cold temperature, others are not. They will die if the temperature is too low. If the body temperature of monarch butterfly is less than 86 degrees they cannot fly away. What the animals do is only sitting in the sun to make their body warm. Are you interested with facts about monarch butterfly?

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