10 Interesting Lung Cancer Facts

Friday, June 28th 2013. | Diseases

The lung cancer facts are beneficial for the people who concern much with the health. Lung cancer is one of the serious diseases in the world. It not only affects adults but also kids. Many people die because of lung cancer. The main cause is due to the high intensity of air pollution and smoking habit. Here are some facts about lung cancer to note:

Lung Cancer Facts 1: Lung Cancer in US

Lung cancer is one of the main diseases that infect most men and women in US. It is estimated that more than 375,000 people in US have lung cancer. If you want lung cancer, find out the ways to enjoy clean air in environmental facts.

Lung Cancer Facts 2: A Big Killer

Lung cancer is a big killer in the world. This cancer takes more lives of people compared to the other combined three cancers of prostrate, colon, and breast.

Lung Cancer and Smoking

Lung Cancer and Smoking

Lung Cancer Facts 3: Elderly Victims

81 percent of elderly people with the age more than 60 years live with lung cancer. This disease makes them feel the hardest pain.

Lung Cancer Facts 4: Survival Rate

Compared to the risk of cancers like breast or prostate cancer, the survival rate of this disease is only 17 percent. The prostate cancer’s survival rate is also 100 percent, while the breast cancer is 90 percent.

Lung Cancer Disease

Lung Cancer Disease

Lung Cancer Facts 5: Early Stage

Unlike other cancers, the lung cancer is not easy to diagnose in early stage.  Only 15 percent of the cases can be diagnosed well. When the cancer has spread to the entire organ, the doctor can diagnose it well. It leads the patients to drop the survival rate up to 3.5 percent.

Lung Cancer Facts 6: Death

After a year of diagnose, more than a half of the victims with lung cancer die.

Lung Cancer Facts

Lung Cancer Facts

Lung Cancer Facts 7: Causes of Lung Cancer

The main cause of lung cancer is smoking. It is estimated that 90 percent of lung cancer cases are because of smoking. Read the air pollution facts to know how bad the pollution in US.

Lung Cancer Facts 8: Asbestos Exposure

The risk of developing a lung cancer is getting bigger if you smoke and your lung is exposed to asbestos.

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Facts 9: African Americans

African American people are seriously prone to lung cancer if you compare it with other ethnicities.

Lung Cancer Facts 10: African Americans Women

The risk of developing a lung cancer is relatively equal between African American women and white women even though the African women only smoke fewer cigarettes.



Lung cancer is the disease that can take your life away. To lower the risk of having a lung cancer, you need to quit smoking. Don’t forget to use a mask when you have to stay in a smoking environment.  Avoid any air pollution by using a mask too. Wash your hand to cut the chain of infection. Stay healthy by performing good lifestyle. Do you want to give more info on facts about lung cancer?

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