10 Interesting Alligator Facts

Wednesday, July 17th 2013. | Animals

Alligator facts below give you more information about the weight, power, food and habitat of alligator. This animal always makes the kids curios. As parents you need to show the right information in detail features. Alligator is included as a reptile. It can be seen living in the planet for more than a million years ago. There are some fossils of alligator which explain the domination of Alligator on earth. Here are the interesting alligator facts:

Alligator Facts 1: Species of Alligator

There are two species of alligators that you can learn. Both are the Chinese alligator and American alligator.

Alligator Facts 2: Chinese Alligator

The Chinese alligator are considered as endangered animals. Most of them are extinct so that only few Chinese alligators can be seen living in China. They inhabit the Yangtze River.

Alligator eggs

Alligator eggs

Alligator Facts 3: American Alligators

The species of alligator are determined based on the habitat. Since the second species is called as American alligator, you probably have guessed that this animal inhabits the American regions. You can see the alligators living at Louisiana and Florida.

Alligator Facts 4: Cold Blooded Animal

Since alligator is included as a reptile, it is a cold blooded animal. It means that the body cannot produce their own heat. Look at reptile facts to get more info.

alligator facts

alligator facts

Alligator Facts 5: A Weak Animal

Most people will afraid when they see alligators around their house. However, this animal is not really strong. You can hold the jaw of an alligator using your bare hands. The bite of this animal is mostly powerful, but you can avoid it.

Alligator Facts 6: Diet

Alligators like to eat animal. They will hunt for turtles, birds, fish and deer. They can survive without eating anything up to 3 years.



Alligator Facts 7: Sex of Alligator

The sex of an alligator is determined by the condition of temperature. If an egg of alligator is put on the cool temperature, it is likely to become female. The warm temperature is for the male alligators.

Alligator Facts 8: Origin of Name

Alligator is originated from the Spanish words of el alligators.  In English it means lizard. An alligator lives in the world up to 50 years. Read turtle facts to know another reptile animal.



Alligator Facts 9: The Largest Alligator Ever Recorded

The largest alligator every recorded in the world has the length around 5.31 meter or 17 feet 5 inches.  The alligator lives on the Everglades National Park in Florida.

Alligator Facts 10: Habitat

Many alligators live on the river, lakes, marshes, swamp, freshwater and lakes. If you want to call a group of alligators, you can name it as a pod or congregation.

american alligator

american alligator

The female alligators are called as cows, while the male ones are bulls.  Hatchling is a name to a baby alligator. Alligator is a fast animal which can plunge in a burst of speed up to 30 miles per hour. It is not easy to catch an alligator. What do you think on facts about alligators?

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