10 Interesting the Colorado River Facts

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One of the main rivers in United States and Mexico is elaborated on The Colorado River Facts. Have you ever visited Colorado River before? The river is located in northern Mexico and Southwestern United States. This river is very long. There is no need to wonder that it spans on the two Mexican states and seven states in U.S. The length of Colorado River is around 2,330 kilometer or 1,450 miles. Here are some interesting facts about Colorado River to note:

The Colorado River Facts 1: the route of Colorado River

Let’s define the route of Colorado River. Before it comes to Lake Mead on the border of Nevada and Arizona, the river is passing the Colorado Plateau and Grand Canyon. The central Rocky Mountains in United States are considered as the rise of the river. It flows from the southwest of United States to reach the international border in the south.

The Colorado River Facts 2: the international border

The international border of Colorado River is between Mexico and United States. The flow of water arrives at Mexico to reach the Gulf of California. Check facts about River Thames here.

The Colorado River Image

The Colorado River Image

The Colorado River Facts 3: the prominent features

Can you define the prominent features of Colorado River? The whitewater rapids and amazing canyons are some of the beautiful features that people like to enjoy here.

The Colorado River Facts 4: the importance of Colorado River

Besides the beauty of the river, Colorado River is also important for the life of the surrounding people. The water in the river is considered as the primary sources of the urban and agriculture area. Find facts about rivers here.

The Colorado River

The Colorado River

The Colorado River Facts 5: how to control the flow of Colorado River

The aqueducts, reservoirs and dams are used to control the Colorado River. There are around 40 million people supported by the presence of Colorado River.

The Colorado River Facts 6: the nickname

The people often call it as the granddaddy of rafting trips because of the amazing whitewater rivers. There are around 22,000 people who love to raft on the river per year.

The Colorado River Pictures

The Colorado River Pictures

The Colorado River Facts 7: the trips of Grand Canyon

If you are interested to explore the Colorado River, you can begin the trip from Lee’s Ferry to reach Lake Mead or Diamond Creek.

The Colorado River Facts 8: the commercial trips

It is recommended for the people to choose the commercial trips. You can spend from one to 18 days of trips.

The Colorado River Facts

The Colorado River Facts

The Colorado River Facts 9: the private trips

If you decide to have private trips in Colorado River, you can spend two to 25 days. However, it is considered as non commercial trip. Due to the environmental concern, you have to wait at 10 years to have it.

The Colorado River Facts 10: the most visited whitewater run

The most visited whitewater run in Utah is located in “Fisher Towers Section” or the Colorado “Daily”.

The Colorado River Pic

The Colorado River Pic

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