10 Interesting Mississippi Facts

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Let me tell you more about Mississippi facts. There are many historic values that you can learn from Mississippi. This state is famous in US. The first canned Borden’s Condensed Milk was done in Liberty. If you visit Pascagoula, you need to go to Old Spanish Fort Museum. It is the home to the largest shrimp in the world. Get more facts about Mississippi here:

Mississippi Facts 1: Accomplishment on Medics

There are two major medical accomplishments occurred in Mississippi. University of Mississippi Medical Center did the first human lung transplant in 1963. In 1964, the first heart transplant was done by Dr. James D. Hardy.

Mississippi Facts 2: Liberty

Liberty is one of the main cities in Mississippi. The first bottle of Dr. Tichener’s Antiseptic was produced in the city. If you want know more tourism objects in US, see Illinois facts.

Mississippi Facts

Mississippi Facts

Mississippi Facts 3: Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is a prominent singer and actor. You can see that this man always gave people with a hit. He was born on 8 January 1935 in Tupelo.

Mississippi Facts 4: Shoes

Phil Gilbert’s Shoe Parlor has the idea to make shoes in pair. It contained the left and right shoes. The ideas were found in Washington Street at Vicksburg in 1884.

Mississippi Park

Mississippi Park

Mississippi Facts 5: President Theodore Roosevelt

President Roosevelt had a hunting expedition in 1902. It was located in Sharkey County. This expedition marked the history of the famous teddy bear since President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear.

Mississippi Facts 6: Mrs. Mamie Thomas

Mrs. Mamie Thomas is famous as the first female rural mail carrier in US in 1914. The woman covered the region of southeast of Vicksburg.

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Mississippi Facts 7: Burnita Shelton Mathews of Hazelhurst

The first woman federal judge in the United States is Burnita Shelton Mathews of Hazelhurst. She worked in Washington DC.

Mississippi Facts 8: William Grant Still

The first afro American symphony was created by William Grant Still. He comes from Woodville. Find more famous people in Tennessee facts.



Mississippi Facts 9: Cotton Row

The producer for Cotton Row is Greenwood. This cotton can be found in National Register of Historic Places. This product is considered as the second largest cotton exchange in US.

Mississippi Facts 10: Vicksburg National Cemetery

The biggest national cemetery is Arlington National Cemetery. The second largest is located in Mississippi. It is named as Vicksburg National Cemetery.

Mississippi State

Mississippi State

Stickball is the oldest game in America. The game is played by the Choctaw Indians of Mississippi. If you want to know the demonstration for this game, you can go to Philadelphia. Choctaw Indian Fair is held on July. If you want to know many historic buildings in US, you can go to Natchez. There are 500 buildings located in Natchez included in the National Register of Historic Places. This city is the oldest settlement. It was inhabited by French in 1716. Do you have more facts about Mississippi on the following post?

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