10 Interesting New Mexico Facts

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New Mexico facts implement more information about the highest capital city in the US called Santa Fe. The height of this city is around 7, 00 feet above the sea level. You can go to Albuquerque on October to enjoy the international hot balloon fiesta in the world. On first weekend of October, there will be an event of the largest enchilada in Las Cruves. Here are other facts about New Mexico:

New Mexico Facts 1: Rio Grande

The longest river in New Mexico is located in Rio Grande. The river runs along the way in New Mexico.

New Mexico Facts 2: Trinity Site

Trinity Site is a mark of the impact of the first atomic bomb in the world. It was detonated in the White Sand Testing range on 16 July 1945. The location is near Alamogordo. Los Alamos is the place where the bomb was manufactured and designed.

New Mexico Building

New Mexico Building

New Mexico Facts 3: White Sands National Monument

Visit the White Sands National Monument if you want to see the white gypsum crystals. You are wrong if you think that it contains sand. It is a desert. Look at Kansas facts to know other places to visit.

New Mexico Facts 4: The Corner State

One of the four corner states in US is New Mexico. It comes with other corner states like Arizona, Colorado and Utah. Get Utah facts to get the info.

New Mexico Facts

New Mexico Facts

New Mexico Facts 5: Palace of Governors

Palace of Governors is considered as the oldest public building in US. It was built in 1610 and is located in Santa Fe.

New Mexico Facts 6: Anasazi sites

Archeologists had identified at least 25,000 Anasazi sites in New Mexico. This is an amazing civilization of Pueblo ancestors for about 1300 years.

New Mexico Horse

New Mexico Horse

New Mexico Facts 7: Yucca

Yucca is considered as the state flower in New Mexico. This flower can be used for various functions such as sandals, baskets and ropes.

New Mexico Facts 8: Pueblo

Pueblo is not only used to describe a civilization, but also an architectural design, a town and a group of people. There are four different languages spoken by 19 pueblo groups.

New Mexico Houses

New Mexico Houses

New Mexico Facts 9: Native Reservation

If you want to know the largest Native American people who own a reservation, look ta Navajo People. Their reservation occupies 14 million acres.

New Mexico Facts 10: Isolated Villages

There are some isolated villages located in north central New Mexico. Those are Coyote, Chimayo’, and Truchas. Visiting New Mexico is fun. You can learn more about culture and the natural forest. This state has seven national forests. The largest one is called as Gila National Forest. It comes in the size of 3.3 million acres.

New Mexico Map

New Mexico Map

The oldest government building in US is the place of Governor located in Santa Fe. If you want to know the annual duck races, you can go to the town of Deming. Santa Fe Opera is an incredible location. It is famous because of the open air theater. The location of the theater sits on the Sangre de Christo Mountains. Are you interested to know more on facts about New Mexico?

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