10 Interesting Idaho Facts

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Find out more about the interesting state by reading Idaho facts. If you want to know the oldest building in Idaho, you can travel to the Cataldo Mission. If you want to pursue the private two-year college in US, you can enroll to Ricks College. This college is located at Rexburg. Check more facts below:

Idaho Facts 1: Albertson College

The oldest four-year institution with higher learning in the college in Idaho is one Albertson College of Idaho. You just have to go to Caldwell. It was built in 1891 by using the former name of College of Idaho.

Idaho Facts 2: Elk River

If you like with a scenic and natural view, visit the Elk River.  In this space, you will be served with the oldest tree in Idaho. It is called as Idaho Champion Western Red Cedar Tree. The age of the tree is estimated around 300 years old. It has the height around 177 feet with the diameter around 18 feet. Get more info about other rivers in Arkansas facts.

Idaho Facts

Idaho Facts

Idaho Facts 3: Trinity Mountain

If you visit Boise National Forest, you can enjoy the highest fire lookout by coming on the Trinity Mountain. It has the high at 9,500 feet.

Idaho Facts 4: Seed Potatoes

The seed potato which has certification is located on the city of Grace. The city is situated on Gem Valley. Get another info of state in US by checking Rhode island facts.



Idaho Facts 5: Philo T. Farnsworth

Philo T. Farnsworth is famous as the pioneer of the television technology.  Rigby is the home town of Philo T. Farnsworth. That’s why this city is considered as the birthplace of TV.

Idaho Facts 6: Ski Resort

Having a vacation will be fun if you visit the right ski resort. If you like to enjoy the first decision of ski resort in US, you can go to Sun valley, Idaho.

old schoolhouse at idaho

old schoolhouse at idaho

Idaho Facts 7: Important Events

There are some important events held in the state annually. If you want to enjoy the Idaho Annual Spud day celebrated since 1927, you can go to Shelley. The national Old Time fiddler contest is held on Weiser.

Idaho Facts 8: Weekly Publication

The oldest weekly publication in Idaho is Idaho enterprise. The first issue of this publication was distributed on 6 June 1879.


rexburg idaho

rexburg idaho

Idaho Facts 9: Parade

The people who want to enjoy the largest parade can see the Mountain Home Air Force Appreciation Day. It is held annually.

Idaho Facts10: Ghost Towns

There are several ghost towns in Idaho. They are Sierra Silver Mine, Gold Dredge, Silver City, and Yankee Fork.



Idaho is a home of the tallest single structured sand dune in North America. The height is about 470 feet. It is located on Bruneau Dunes State Park. If you want to enjoy powerful view of 800-foot wide river canyon, you can go to Bruneau Canyon. Are you impressed with facts about Idaho?

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