10 Interesting Pennsylvania Facts

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Pennsylvania facts give you with unique information about this state. You need to know that this state is the place where you can find the chocolate capital in US. It is located in Hershey. If you want to know the home for the first computer in the world, take a look at Philadelphia. It was created in 1946. In 1913, Pittsburgh has its first automobile service station. Get more facts in the following facts below:

Pennsylvania Facts 1: Antrim Township

If you want to know the southern part for Pennsylvania included as a part for the Mason-Dixon Line, you need to go Antrim Township.

Pennsylvania Facts 2: Ringing Hill

Ringing Hill gets its name from the ringing rocks in the state. The sound is created when you use a hammer to strike it.  The area is located in Lower Pittsgrove Township. Check New Jersey facts to know unique places in US.

Pennsylvania at Night

Pennsylvania at Night

Pennsylvania Facts 3: Depression Age

When there was a depression age in Pennsylvania, the canned goods were used the admission when you want to come in the Star Theater located in Mercersburg. It was used as a way to help the local soup kitchen.

Pennsylvania Facts 4: Grape

The city of north east is the home to four wine industries. The city is situated in the Grape Coast of Pennsylvania.   You can also find the largest Welch’s grape processing plant in US when visiting the city.

Pennsylvania fact

Pennsylvania fact

Pennsylvania Facts 5: William Penn

William Penn is the founder of Pennsylvania.  In this city you can find Penn Township. Some people call it as Township Penn which refers to William Penn.

Pennsylvania Facts 6: Border

The only original colony in US which is not bordered by Atlantic Ocean is Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Scenery

Pennsylvania Scenery

Pennsylvania Facts 7: Starrucca Viaduct

Starrucca Viaduct is considered as the oldest stone railroad bridge operated in Pennsylvania.  The route for this stone railroad is to reach Susquehanna County by crossing PA Route 171 north of Lanesboro. Find other interesting ideas on Maryland facts.

Pennsylvania Facts 8: Manufacturing Steel

The most famous site for manufacturing steel is at Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh Steelers is the name for the city’s professional football team.



Pennsylvania Facts 9: Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park spans on the land more than 8,000 acres. It is considered as the largest city park.

Pennsylvania Facts 10: Steps in Pittsburgh

The maintained steps in Pittsburgh are counted more than 300 sets. If all of them are joined together, it can reach 26,000 feet.  If you compare it with the height of Himalayan Mountain, it is higher.

Pennsylvania Map

Pennsylvania Map

Titusville is the home of Drake Well Museum. In this area, it sits the site where the first oil well in the world was drilled by Edwin L Drake in 1859. It is the pioneer of the modern petroleum industry. If you want to know the Christmas tree capital in the world, you can go to Indiana County. Do you have any opinion on facts about Pennsylvania?

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