10 Interesting North Carolina Facts

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Find out more about the interesting place and history of US in North Carolina Facts. If you want to pursue the education on the oldest university in US, you can go to the University for North Carolina. There are many things to find out in North Carolina. You just have to go to the furniture capital in the world when visiting the High Point. You will be served with various models and designs of furniture to increase the value of your home. Look at the complete facts about North Carolina here.

North Carolina Facts 1: Beaches

The people who want to get relaxation and serenity can go to the outer back for North Carolina. It has some beautiful beaches that you can enjoy with family and friends.

North Carolina Facts 2: Transylvania County

If you like to enjoy the relaxing sense for waterfall, you can go to Transylvania County. It is the home for the Whitewater falls. It is situated in the Easter part of US.

North Carolina and Beach

North Carolina and Beach

North Carolina Facts 3: Havelock

The largest air base in Marine Corps is located in Havelock. Cherry point is used to call the marine base.

North Carolina Facts 4: Sweet Potato

North Carolina is famous with its sweet potato. It is considered as the main commodity in the state. You do not have to wonder if North Carolina is largest producer of sweet potato. The Wilson County School students want sweet potato used as the official state vegetable.

North Carolina Facts

North Carolina Facts

North Carolina Facts 5: Morehead City

If you want to enjoy a wonderful celebration in North Carolina, you can go to Morehead city. It is the home to the famous North Carolina Seafood festival.

North Carolina Facts 6: Festival

In December, is recommended for you to go to North Carolina. You can enjoy the core sound decoy festival held each year in Harked Island. Look at Arizona facts to get more details.

North Carolina Map

North Carolina Map

North Carolina Facts 7: Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem is the combination of two towns, Salem and Winston. Find more facts in Michigan facts.

North Carolina Facts 8: Babe Ruth

One of the well-known baseball players is Babe Ruth. This man got his first home run on 7 March 1914 in Fayetteville.

North Carolina Scene

North Carolina Scene

North Carolina Facts 9: Biltmore Estate

If you want to know the largest American home in North Carolina, you can go to Biltmore Estate. It is located in Ashville. The house is equipped with an award winning winery, 255 room chateau and big gardens.

North Carolina Facts 10: Mount Mitchell

The highest peak of Blue ridge mountain is located in Mount Mitchell. It has the height around 6,684 feet.

North Carolina Scenic View

North Carolina Scenic View

The tallest dam in eastern United States is taken by Fontana dam. It has the height 480 feet. It is believed that North Carolina is the first state which declares the independency. You can see the proof by seeing the Mecklenburg Declaration of 1775. If you want to know the highest town in Eastern America, you can see Beech Mountain. It has the elevation around 5,506 feet. Do you want to add more facts about North Carolina?

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