10 Interesting New South Wales Facts

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New South Wales Facts inform you with the colony founded in Australia in 1788. It is situated in the eastern seaboard of Australia. Many people always abbreviate New South Wales as NSW. If you want to know more about this state, check the post below:

New South Wales Facts 1: borders

There are several borders in NSW. NSW borders Victoria on the south, Tasman on the east, Queensland to the north and South Australia to the west.

New South Wales Facts 2: the capital city

Can you tell me the capital city of New South Wales? It is Sydney.  There were 7.4 million people living in New South Wales based on the report in June 2013. Sydney is considered as the most populous city in Australia, while NSW is the most populous state.


New South Wales Beaches

New South Wales Beaches

New South Wales Facts 3: The Greater Sydney area

More than 4.67 million people decide to live in the greater Sydney area in New South Wales. It occupies 2/3 of the whole population in the state. If you want to call the local people living in New South Wales, you can call them New South Welshmen.

New South Wales Facts 4: establishment of the colony

In 1788, the colony of New South Wales was established in Australia. Originally the areas included in the colony were bigger. It occupied the Australian mainland, Norfolk Island, New Zealand, Lord Howe Island and Van Diemen’s Land. Check Australia facts here.

New South Wales Facts

New South Wales Facts

New South Wales Facts 5: British colonies

The large areas of the colony were divided into some parts to establish the British colony in 19th century. Some areas created include Northern territory, Queensland, Victoria, New Zealand, Tasmania and South Australia.

New South Wales Facts 6: Lord Howe Island

Today Norfolk Island is not a part of NSW because it is appointed as a federal territory. Lord Howe Island is still a part of NSW.

New South Wales Image

New South Wales Image

New South Wales Facts 7: the Aboriginal tribes

The Aboriginal tribes are the original inhabitants in New South Wales. It is estimated that the tribe came to Australia 40,000 to 60,000 years ago. New South Wales was occupied by 250,000 aboriginal people before European settlement in NSW.

New South Wales Facts 8: Captain James Cook

Captain James Cook discovered New South Wales in 1770. At that time, he was on the coast of New Holland to make a survey. The land was called New Wales by the captain. But he revised it into New South Wales.

New South Wales Pic

New South Wales Pic

New South Wales Facts 9: Captain Arthur Phillip

Captain Arthur Phillip got the role as the government for the British settlement in New Wales. He took the job from 1788 till 1792.

New South Wales Facts 10: forest

You can find a lot of forests in NSW. The state is a home to many tree and animal species such as Crow Ash and Red Gum Eucalyptus.

New South Wales

New South Wales

If you want to enjoy sightseeing in New South Wales, you can go to 780 national parks.  You can enjoy the fabulous waterfalls, rugged bushes and rainforests. Do you want to give opinion on facts about New South Wales?

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