10 Interesting North Dakota Facts

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North Dakota facts give more you information about one of the most interesting states in US. Visiting North Dakota will be fun to do this weekend for there are many tourism objects here. You will like to learn more about the history for it is challenging and fun. English was used the official state language in 1987. If you want more facts, check the post below:

North Dakota Facts 1: Hillsboro

If you want to know the ancient dried lake bottom with flat and large shape, you need to go to Hillsboro. Around the space, you can see many fertile farmlands.

North Dakota Facts 2: Dakota Indian Tribe

Dakota is derived from the Sioux word. In English, it means allies or friend. In 1861, the Dakota tertiary was called as Dakota Indian tribe.

North Dakota Facts

North Dakota Facts

North Dakota Facts 3: Max G. Taubert

Max G. Taubert from Casselton built the highest oil can structure in the world. The height of the pyramid from the oil can is 50 feet.

North Dakota Facts 4: Devils Lake

Even though the name is scary, it is considered as the largest natural water of body in the state. The name was originated from the Miniwaukan. He was a Native American man.  Before it is gained the Devil spirit name, many explorers call it as a Bad spirit. The land around the lake is so fertile. There are many plants growing here such white bass, northern pile and walleye.

North Dakota in Summer

North Dakota in Summer

North Dakota Facts 5: Dakota Dinosaur Museum

If you want to take your kids for this next vacation in North Dakota, You can take them on Dakota Dinosaur Museum. It is located in Dickinson.  Inside, you are served with fossil specimens, twelve full scale dinosaurs, Edmontosaurus, thousands of rock, Triceratops and mineral collections. If you want to have vacation in a big city, look at New York facts.

North Dakota Facts 6: Abbey Church

North Dakota is filled with many historic buildings. One of them is the Abbey Church. It is located in Richardton. Inside the church, you can view 24 paintings of Saints, 52 stained glass windows, carved crucifix interior design.

North Dakota in Winter

North Dakota in Winter

North Dakota Facts 7: The World’s Largest Buffalo Monument

If you want to see the largest buffalo monument in the world, you can go to the Frontier Village in Jamestown. The weight of this monument is 60 tons with the length of 40 feet and height of 26 feet. Other quiet cities to visit are seen in Missouri facts.

North Dakota Facts 8: Opera House

North Dakota has an opera house. It is located on Ellendale. The Opera House can accommodate up to 1000 patrons. The building was constructed in 1909.

North Dakota Map

North Dakota Map

North Dakota Facts 9: Kenmare

Kenmare is always known as the goose capital in North Dakota.  The snow goose in the state is up to 400,000. North Dakota is also famous with its sunflower.

North Dakota Facts 10: Flickertail

If you come to North Dakota, there is no need to wonder when you find so many Flickertail or ground squirrels located in Richardson. They will flick the tail before running to reach the burrows.

North Dakota Landscape

North Dakota Landscape

There are many things that you need to know about North Dakota. The places, landmarks, commodity and history are wonderful to learn. Do you want to add more facts about North Dakota?

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