10 Interesting Fish Facts

Saturday, June 29th 2013. | Animals

Fish facts in the post below give you more information about the behavior, reproduction and food about the aquatic animals. Fish can be an interesting pet to have at home. You can set a small aquarium in the middle of your living room and fill it with colorful fish.

Fish Facts 1: Reproduction System

The reproduction system of fish is not always laying the eggs on the water. Some fish do it. Other fish such as the great white shark will give birth a baby. You can call it as a pup.

Fish Facts 2: Starfish

You need to differentiate fish with other animal aquatic animals. If you think that jellyfish and starfish are included as fish, you are wrong. Both animals even though have fish attached to their name, they are not fish.

Fish  School

Fish School

Fish Facts 3: Fang tooth Fish

Look at the unique fish in the world. Fang tooth fish gives you an interesting appearance. It has the teeth in a size of human even though the body is not long.

Fish Facts 4: Catfish

Human being only has 7000 taste buds. Cat fish has 27,000 taste buds.

cute fish

cute fish

Fish Facts 5: Lipstick

There is a relation between lipstick and fish. To make their product shimmering, the lipstick sold in the stores is formulated with fish scales.

Fish Facts 6: Australian Lungfish

Australian lungfish is considered as the oldest fish ever lived in the world. The animals are still alive when the age reaches 65 years old.

Fish Facts

Fish Facts

Fish Facts 7: Water Pollution

Probably not all of you know that fish can change their sex because of the water pollution. It is a fact that water pollution makes more than one third of male fish changes their sex.

Fish Facts 8: Saltwater Fish

Compared to the freshwater fish, the saltwater fish needs to drink more water. The water inside the body tends to flow out because seawater is salty. To stabilize the body’s liquid the fish needs to consume more water.



Fish Facts 9: Camouflage

Camouflage is always used by the fish to avoid predator. There are some fish which can produce the ultraviolet or polarized look to defend themselves. The fish somtimes hide in the coral. Check coral facts to know the beauty of this animal.

Fish Facts 10: Lungfish

Most fish cannot live in a land. They will die soon when you take them outside the water. Lung fish is totally different. The animal can live out of the water for some years. The animal has a lung and gills. Another aquatic animal which can live on land is seen on turtle facts.

Pink Fish

Pink Fish

The excellent fish which can swim upright is seahorse. If you like diving underwater, you need to stay away from the electric eel. It can produce electric rays which can kill a big horse. The only fish which has eyelid is sharks. If you want to have fish as a pet at home, don’t forget to clean the fish tank regularly. It can make you fish died if the environment is too dirty. They need fresh water to live. Do you have any more information on facts about fish?

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