10 Interesting Groundhog Facts

Thursday, March 6th 2014. | Animals

Find out groundhog facts in the following post below. One of the interesting animals in the world is explained in groundhog. This hairy animal is cute if you love to look after a unique animal. But you need to be careful because this animal has strong jaws. Let me show you the interesting facts below:

Groundhog Facts 1: length and weight

Let’s define the length and weight of groundhog. This animal usually has the weight around 12 to 15 pounds with the length around 20 inches.

Groundhog Facts 2: fur

The fur of groundhog has different color. You can find the body is fully covered with coarse grayish hairs. The tipped fur sometimes comes in dull red or even brown color.

Groundhog Animal

Groundhog Animal

Groundhog Facts 3: physical appearance

This animal has short legs, a short tail and short ears.  The jaws are strong. Groundhog is considered as a quick animal.

Groundhog Facts 4: whistling

Groundhog can whistle in the spring season. It is a sign that they begin courting. Sometimes when groundhog was alarmed, it is whistling too.

Groundhog facts

Groundhog facts

Groundhog Facts 5: diet

Even though groundhog has very strong jaws, it loves to eat plants and greenery. Each day, It will search for vegetables, fruits, leaves and water.

Groundhog Facts 6: plagues

Groundhog is considered as a clean animal. There is no need to be surprised if you find out that groundhog can resist to plagues.



Groundhog Facts 7: Hibernation

Groundhog also faces a hibernation phase during their life. It is not a deep sleep. But they will face a deep coma which makes the temperature of the body decrease drastically. They stop breathing and the blood stops flowing. But they do not die.

Groundhog Facts 8: name

If you want to call the baby groundhog, you need to use the term a cub or a kit.



Groundhog Facts 9: baby groundhog

During the mid April or May, usually the baby groundhog was born. The size of the liter is around four to nine. The baby groundhog can grow out of the nest in July.

Groundhog Facts 10: life span

Most groundhog can only live around 6 to 8 years old.

If you want to have a different pet, you can choose the clean animal, groundhog. Do you have any opinion on facts about groundhog?

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