10 Interesting Frog Facts

Sunday, June 23rd 2013. | Animals

Inform your kids about frog facts if you want them to learn about animals in the world. Frog is a kind of reptile that you can see around your house. You are wrong if you think that frog is not various. There are many kinds of frogs in the world. You can find different types of frogs based on their habitat. Here are some interesting facts about to understand:

Frog Facts 1: Golden Poison Dart Frog

Some frogs are dangerous to the life of human being if you are infected. One of the poisonous frogs is golden poison dart frog. This animal can kill 100,000 people if it uses one gram of toxin on the skin.

Frog Facts 2: Skin

Just like a snake, this reptile animal also sheds its skin every week.   The surprising fact is the animal will eat the old skin.

Glass Frog

Glass Frog

Frog Facts 3: Female Surinam Toads

There are at least 100 eggs that a female Surinam toad carries on her back. The young toad will emerge from the back of a female Surinam after 12 or 20 weeks.

Frog Facts 4: Eating Process

Frogs have different style when they eat food. The animals need to blink to swallow the food. They need to do it so that the food can be pushed on the throat. It will pull the eyes automatically down. Look at penguin facts to know another animal living in sea.

Red Frog

Red Frog

Frog Facts 5: Wood Frog

As I have stated before frog comes in many types with different behaviors and character ties. The unique one is wood frog. The animal can be seen spreading North America. In the winter, it will freeze. When the spring comes, the body will be reanimated.   The breathing system, muscle movement and heartbeat stop when the temperature is too cool.  The body will never collapse because the water in the body will be replaced with urea and glucose. When the temperature is back in normal, the body can function again as if there was nothing happened to its body during the winter time.

Frog Facts 6: Group of Frog

How do you call a group of frog? You can call it army. Flock is used to term a group of birds.

strawberry poison dart frog

strawberry poison dart frog

Frog Facts 7: Glass Frog

Many kids think that frog always have dark green skin. It is not true at all because the glass frog has translucent skin.  The muscles, bones, and internal organs can be seen through the skin. You can make an observation when the frogs swallow the food, digest and breathe.

Frog Facts 8: Indonesian Frogs

The frogs in Indonesia are unique. There are some frogs without a lung. So how do the frogs breathe? They breathe using the skin. Another popular animal in Indonesia is seen in hamster facts.

Frog Facts

Frog Facts

Frog Facts 9: Goliath Frog

The biggest frog in the world is Goliath frog. The species are seen on West Africa. The body weight is up to 7 pounds.

Frog Facts10: Blue-Jeans Frog

The blue jeans frog has unique physical appearance.  The legs are blue with a red body. This poisonous dark frog sometimes is termed as a strawberry dart frog.

Blue Poison Dart Frog

Blue Poison Dart Frog

Most frogs that you can see in the world have teeth that they use to carry the prey.  Now you know that frogs can be poisonous too.  Are you interested to find out more on facts about frogs?

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