10 Interesting Coyote Facts

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Another wild animal is explained in coyote facts. The people who want to know more about the animals in the world need to broaden the knowledge by reading more facts about animals. Coyote has the scientific name of Canis Latrans. The small wolf is native to western part of North America. You can find them living in America. This animal is carnivorous so that you have to be careful. Here are the interesting facts about coyote.

Coyote Facts 1: Wolves

Coyote has a close relation with wolves. Many people call the animal as American jackal. Some of them also call it is a prairie wolf. Read artic fox facts here.

Coyote Facts 2: Habitat

If you want to know the home of coyote, you need to find them in Central America, North America and Canada.

Coyote Facts

Coyote Facts

Coyote Facts 3: Mating

It seems that coyote is a faithful animal. This animal only has one mate for a lifetime. Look at German shepherd facts here.

Coyote Facts 4: Nature

When coyote feels threatened by other animals or human being, they will act like a dog. Most coyotes hunt in groups. It usually consists of 2 or 3 coyotes.

Coyote in Arizona

Coyote in Arizona

Coyote Facts 5: Weight and Size

The length of the animal is around 75 to 100 cm or 30 to 40 inches. The weight is around 15 to 46 lbs. or 7 to 21 kg. Coyotes like living in the plain desert, forest and mountain regions.

Coyote Facts 6: Sleeping

Coyote’s favorite place when sleeping is located on the hole of the ground. The life span for this animal is around 15 years.

Coyote VS Dog

Coyote VS Dog

Coyote Facts 7: Speed

Coyotes can run in the speed up to 43 miles per hour or 69 km per hour. The animal is considered as carnivore or scavenger.

Coyote Facts 8: Baby Coyotes

In average a coyote has six pups. The weight of a newly born pup is around 7 to 10 ounces. The female coyotes will deliver the baby when it is 2 years old.



Coyote Facts 9: Color of Fur

The fur color of coyote is natural. It comes in a range for tawny grey to yellowish brown. The animals can survive in the wild area because they are very intelligent. When they communicate with other coyotes, they will use different types of howls.

Coyote Facts 10: A Group of Coyote

A group of coyote is called as a rout or a pack. Call the female coyote as a bitch, while a dog is used to call the male coyote. To call the baby coyote, use the word pup or whelps.

baby coyote

baby coyote

The conservation status for coyote is the least concern. It means that the population of coyote in the world is not endangered or even threatened. There is no need to worry about the population. However, it does not mean that you can hunt it as you want. Do you have any opinion on facts about coyote?

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