10 Interesting Puppy Facts

Tuesday, June 11th 2013. | Animals

If you want a fun reading, note on the puppy facts bellow. Having a puppy as gift from the beloved people can be an interesting experience. Puppy is a cute animal.  It looks small, fragile and funny. You can play with a puppy all of the time. If you want it to obey the rule, train it well. You can go to the park with a puppy and play a ball together.

Puppy Facts 1: A New Born Puppy

When a puppy is born, it is toothless, deaf and blind. It cannot hear your voice or even see your face. You need to treat it well. This animal is so flimsy when it was brown.  Be careful when you hug it.

Puppy Facts 2: Sleeping Time

Playing with a puppy is fun. But you need to give the animal time to sleep. Each day, it needs to sleep at least 14 hours.

beagle puppy

beagle puppy

Puppy Facts 3: Smelling Sense

Puppy is a small dog which has a good smelling sense. Puppy’s nose is sensitive.  The development of smelling sense begins when it reaches 3 weeks.

Puppy Facts 4: Puppy in US

USA considers dogs and puppies as part of their families. Most families in USA have at least one dog. That’s why you should never wonder when finding out that more than five million puppies are born each year. What a wonderful number! Another cute animal to have is seen on bunny facts.

cute puppy

cute puppy

Puppy Facts 5: The New Puppy Activities

The activities of the new born puppy are simple. It will use 10 percent of the days to eat and 90 percent to sleep. When it grows older you can take it to play to the park. Be careful and patient when you raise a new born puppy.

Puppy Facts 6: Hygiene

When having a puppy, you need to note on the hygiene. The environment in the house like his cage and food should be completely clean. When you have touched the puppy, you need to wash your hand with soap to eliminate any diseases, bacteria or virus. If you want to have a small pet, look at hamster facts.

golden retreiver puppies

golden retriever puppies

Puppy Facts 7: Feeding Time

Puppy is a carnivorous animal, but you need to serve a balance diet to make your puppy healthy and strong. You can serve various menus such as vegetable, chicken heart, chicken, vegetables, cheese, boiled rice or carrot.

Puppy Facts 8: Place of Living

Puppy should live in a clean and comfortable environment. You need to give it a cozy bed to sleep. Don’t forget to add some toys that puppy can play with. The puppy will cry and destroy items in the bed if it gets bored.



Puppy Facts 9: Vaccination

The home owners who have a pet should never forget to vaccinate it. When your puppy reaches the age of 6 -9 years old, you need to go to the veterinary surgeon for vaccination.

Puppy Facts 10: Preventions of Rabies

Rabies can infect your puppies. When you play with it and it licks you, the saliva can transmit the diseases into your body. To avoid this disease, ensure that it is vaccinated regularly.

Puppy facts

Puppy facts

A puppy is cute animal. But it can be a source of diseases if you cannot look after it well.  The facts about puppy above urge you to present comfortable environment and vaccination for puppy regularly.

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