10 Interesting White Tiger Facts

Saturday, July 13th 2013. | Animals

Here are the white tiger facts. If you hear about white tiger, what comes to your mind actually? Like the name cited, white tiger is the tiger which white fur color combination instead of orange or brown. It can be said to be albino or a different subspecies from the ordinary orange tiger. What you need to know about white tiger is about the fact that it has the bigger size when its born compared to orange one.

White Tiger Facts1: Blue Eyes

White tigers have blue eyes. Yet, you need to understand that white tiger is not a species. It means they are just variation of the normal orange tiger.

White Tiger Facts 2: Worth of White Tiger

White tigers are valuable. What you need to know is that the tiger has the worth of $60,000. The main reason why white tiger costs so much is because of the rare aspect.

White Tiger Roars

White Tiger Roars

White Tiger Facts 3: Classification

Let’s talk about the classification. Scientists have classified white tiger into eight subspecies: Bengal, Indo-Chinese, Sumatran, Siberian, South China, and other which have been extinct such as Caspian, Java, and also Bali.

White Tiger Facts 4: Stripes

Look the stripes of white tigers. What you need to know is that most tigers have more than 100 stripes. You also need to notice that there will be no identical stripes for each of the tiger. Look at jaguar facts to know another striped animal.

White Tiger

White Tiger

White Tiger Facts 5: Swimming Ability

Swimming ability of white tigers is impressive. In fact, they can really swim well even to hunt their prey in the water. What a unique animal right? It means that they can hunt fishes in the water.

White Tiger Facts 6: Territory

Next, the territorial male tiger will conduct travels by himself. The purpose is to mark his boundaries with his urine. Well you may also notice that male tiger usually may use scratches as well to mark his territory. Another animal which mark the area can be seen in leopard facts.

White Tigers

White Tigers

White Tiger Facts 7: Good Eyesight

You need also to pay attention about the fact that white tiger has the night vision which is better and stronger than what any human has. It means this tiger can hunt easily as well in the night.

White Tiger Facts 8: Chance of Living

Interesting fact about white tiger which you need to know next is about the chance in how Bengal tiger may end in white color. The chance is 1:10,000.



White Tiger Facts 9: Hunting Time

The next interesting fact is about the disadvantage that white tiger has when they conduct hunting in the dark. Their prey can notice white tigers in the dark so there will be bigger chance in failing the hunting process.

White Tiger Facts 10: Government Policy

Another fact is about the policy of any governments in protecting the tiger from being hunt. There will be bad punishment if you conduct ever hurt this tiger.

White Tiger Facts

White Tiger Facts

You should need to know that the world may consider this white tiger to be precious compared to the ordinary one. Therefore any zoos may try to gain such white tiger to attract more consumers. Do you have any comment on facts about white tiger?

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