10 Interesting Crab Facts

Friday, December 20th 2013. | Animals

Find out the unique information about an marine animal in crab facts. When you see a crab, probably you will remember about one of the fascinating characters in SpongeBob cartoon. You know the character named Mr. Eugene Crab. This man really loves money. Find out the real facts about crab below:

Crab Facts 1: definition of crab

Can you define the word crab? This animal is included as decapods. It means that it has ten limbs. The animal owns a small abdomen located under the pincer and thorax. The bone and chitin are covered with carapace. It is the protective coating which makes the crab strong.

Crab Facts 2: the inner organ

The inner organ of crab is very soft. Thus, it is protected by the bonny shell cover.

Crab facts

Crab facts

Crab Facts 3: types of crabs

There are several types of carps such as anomura and brachyura.

Crab Facts 4: edible crabs

Most crabs that you can find on sea are considered as edible animals.  However, the most delicious one that people love to hear is the blue crab. It can be seen abundant in Atlantic coast. If you want to taste the large European crab, you can order the Cancer padurus.

Crab Migration

Crab Migration

Crab Facts 5: meat

The meat weight of the crab is only one quarter from the whole body. You can only get little meat when eating crab. Now let’s talk about the statistic of a crab. The weight of this animal is around 2 pounds. The length is about 6 inches.

Crab Facts 6: life span

A crab can live for about 8 until 13 years. They can be seen living in a sandy land along with rocks and stones. But some people can find it under the ocean.

Crab on sandy beach

Crab on sandy beach

Crab Facts 7: diet

Crab loves to ear mollusk, crustaceans, worms, algae, bacteria and fungus. This animal is included as an omnivorous animal.

Crab Facts 8: male crabs

You can differentiate the male and female crabs from their claws. The female claws have smaller claws compared to the male crabs.

Crab Stone

Crab Stone

Crab Facts 9: hermit crabs

There are 500 different species of hermit crabs in the world. This animal is identified with sideway walking.

Crab Facts 10: name

The name of a baby crab is hatchling.  The male hermit crabs usually have narrow abdomen.  The larger abdomen is seen on female crabs.



There are many kinds of restaurant in the world serving the people with crabs as the main menu. Do you like reading facts about crab?

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