10 Interesting Daddy Long Legs Facts

Monday, June 9th 2014. | Animals

Read Daddy Long Legs facts if you want to know the interesting information about the long leg spider. This animal has different nicknames. Some people call it Granddaddy long-legs spider, Daddy Long Leg Spider, house spider, daddy long-legger, vibrating spider and cellar spider. If you are interested to know the detail info about this spider, scrutinize the following post below:

Daddy Long Legs Facts 1: Pholcidae

The Latin name of daddy long legs is Pholcidae. The main food of this spider is the eggs of other spiders. Check spider facts here.

Daddy Long Legs Facts 2: Tegenaria species

Tegenaria species is the main food of Daddy Long Legs. The spider will naturally hunt the species. They also like the huntsman spiders and red back spiders.

Daddy Long Legs Facts

Daddy Long Legs Facts

Daddy Long Legs Facts 3: poisonous

You need to be careful with daddy long legs. All types of these animals are poisonous. However the fangs of this spider are not capable to bit the human. However, we do not know whether it is dangerous to human being or not.

Daddy Long Legs Facts 4: habitat

You can find daddy long legs everywhere. They usually will create a web for the host. They choose the damp and dark places such as the animal burrow, loose barks or even caves.

Daddy Long Legs Photo

Daddy Long Legs Photo

Daddy Long Legs Facts 5: spider at home

Some daddy long legs can be found on the abandoned places at home. You can find them in the basement, warehouse or even cellars.

Daddy Long Legs Facts 6: life span

Daddy long legs’ life span is short. It can only live for a year.

Daddy Long Legs Pic

Daddy Long Legs Pic

Daddy Long Legs Facts 7: Class

Daddy Long legs are included in the class of Arachnida. The animals in the class are scorpion and spider. All of them have eight legs.

Daddy Long Legs Facts 8: Pest Control

The people hate much with daddy long legs because they disturb the condition of the house. You can use the service of pest control in your town to eliminate the spiders from the house.

Daddy Long Legs Spider

Daddy Long Legs Spider

Daddy Long Legs Facts 9: Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali is one of the best painters in the world. You can find out that his work features the harvestman. It is called “Daddy Longlegs of the Evening”.

Daddy Long Legs Facts 10: the male species

The male species of harvestman have penis.  The animals are different with other arachnids.

Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs

If you want to scrutinize the shape and behavior of daddy long legs, you need to check it on your cellars at home. Probably you can find the spider there. Are you interested with facts about daddy long legs?

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