10 Interesting Moose Facts

Thursday, August 7th 2014. | Animals

If you are interested to know a unique animal, why don’t you check Moose Facts? Many people like to go to Western Maine. It a perfect spot for the people who want know a great moose watching area.  You just have to go to Maine’s Mountains and Lakes to enjoy the running moose. Here are facts about moose for you:

Moose Facts 1: Moose in Maine

Moose can be spotted anywhere in Maine. It is considered as the official state animal in Maine. Get more facts about Maine here.

Moose Facts 2: male moose

You can call the male moose as Bull Moose. They have antlers with the weight of 90 lbs and width of 6 feet. In each winter, the antler will be shed off. But it will be back when spring comes. The size of the antlers will be bigger compared to the previous ones.

Moose Facts

Moose Facts

Moose Facts 3: function of antlers

Can you guess the function of antlers that bull moose have? They are very important in the mating season. The nice antlers can impress the cows / female moose. With strong and great antlers, the Bull Moose can show off the dominance and strength. They become so aggressive in the mating time.

Moose Facts 4: life span

Moose can live around 25 years.

Moose Image

Moose Image

Moose Facts 5: size and weight

In average, moose can have the weight up to 1500 lbs.  The length of the body can reach 8.5 feet. The height is around 7 feet. Do you know that each day moose can grow up to an inch? Therefore, it is called as the animal with the highest rate of bone formation growth.

Moose Facts 6: speed

When running, moose are very fast. It can reach the speed up to 35 miles per hour. This animal is also a great swimmer even though they like living on land. It can swim with the speed up to 6 miles per hour.

Moose Passing

Moose Passing

Moose Facts 7: female moose

You can call the female moose as cows. The gestation period for this animal is around 8 months. The baby moose will be born with the weight around 25 to 33 lbs. You call them calves.

Moose Facts 8: calves’ life

The baby moose or calves will stay under the supervision of the female moose after it is 1 years old.

Moose Pic

Moose Pic

Moose Facts 9: physical appearance

Talking about their teeth, moose have 32 teeth. Compared to human being, moose have more chromosomes. Human being has 23, while moose have 27.

Moose Facts 10: the population of Moose

The state in US which has the most population of moose is Alaska. The second one is in Maine.



If you want to watch moose in Maine, you can come here in May, June, September, October and December. You can have a great experience. Are you fascinated with facts about moose?

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