10 Interesting Beryllium Facts

Sunday, June 23rd 2013. | Science

Beryllium facts give you full understanding about one of the unfamiliar elements in the world. Probably you have not heard about the element. In a periodic table, it is located as the fourth element.  In this post I will show you some interesting information about beryllium:

Beryllium Facts 1: Atomic Number

You can check the atomic number of beryllium in the periodic table. It comes in number four. It means that the element has four protons.

Beryllium Facts 2: Beryllium

In some countries, beryllium is called as Glucinum or Glucinium.  The names are used to describe the compound and sweet taste of beryllium. The material is also well known as the lightest alkaline metal on earth. If you want to know other materials on earth, check rock facts.

Beryllium  in Black

Beryllium in Black

Beryllium Facts 3: Toxic

Some people may find the sweet taste of Beryllium is flattering. You need to be careful because it is toxic. You can face berylliosis if your respiratory system is always exposed to the sweet taste of Beryllium. Berylliosis can be a life threatening allergic which can lead to a death.

Beryllium Facts 4: Beryl

Beryl is a gemstone with Beryllium. Some gemstones with this element include aqua marine and emerald. When you check Beryllium using ionizing radiation and x-rays, you can find the high transparency of this element.

Beryllium Element

Beryllium Element

Beryllium Facts 5: Rare Element

Finding Beryllium on earth and universe is not easy to do because this element is very rare. Beryllium is not created by nucleosynthesis reactions of stars. It was formed by Big Bang. To know other rare materials, find out on mineral facts.

Beryllium Facts 6: Usage of Beryllium

Even though beryllium is toxic, this metal is very beneficial. People use it to create a space telescope, and rocket nozzles. Some windows are equipped with Beryllium to make them transparent if they are radiated with X ray. In some alloys, Beryllium is used to make it hard and strong.

Beryllium Facts

Beryllium Facts

Beryllium Facts 7: Elasticity

Compared to steel, Beryllium has bigger modulus elasticity. Compared to the light metals, it has the highest melting point.

Beryllium Facts 8: Production of Beryllium

Not all the countries in the world focus on the production of Beryllium. There are only three countries in the world can do it. They are China, US and Kazakhstan.

beryllium molecule

beryllium molecule

Beryllium Facts 9: James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope will be launched in 2014. This wonderful telescope uses beryllium to make a 6.5 mirror.  It enables the users to see the visible object 200 times fainter.

Beryllium Facts 10: Laser

In the health sector, beryllium is also beneficial.  The laser used in an eye surgery will be controlled and focused by using beryllium ceramics.



The first beryllium was discovered by Louis-Nicholas Vauquelin in 1798. This nonmagnetic object has the two third density compared to aluminum. Beryllium can be found in your daily products like portable computer, cell phone, household electronic, and MP3 player. Do you want to add more facts about beryllium?

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