10 Interesting Liquid Facts

Monday, June 16th 2014. | Science

Liquid facts give you the information about water liquid in the world. When talking about liquid, you need to know about the drinking water, steam, ocean, ice, seawater, river, lake or even water pollution in the world. Here are the facts about liquid for you:

Liquid Facts 1: element of water

You can find two important elements in the water. Both are oxygen and hydrogen. The formula is called H2O. Read Hydrogen facts here.

Liquid Facts 2: the liquid state

When you talk about the liquid state, you can use the word water. Ice is used to refer the water in its solid form. The steam or water vapour is used to call the water in its gas form.

Liquid Facts

Liquid Facts

Liquid Facts 3: function of water

Water is very important to life of human being. Without water we cannot live. Not only human, but also plants and animals need to drink water to stay survive.

Liquid Facts 4: earth surface

The water occupies more space on earth than the dry land.  The earth surface is occupied at least by 70 percent of water.

Liquid Image

Liquid Image

Liquid Facts 5: the largest oceans

There are three largest oceans in the world. Can you mention them for me? The first one is Pacific Ocean. Then it is followed by Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean.

Liquid Facts 6: the Mariana Trench

The Mariana Trench is considered as the deepest know point in the world ocean. It is located in the Pacific Ocean.

Liquid Pic

Liquid Pic

Liquid Facts 7: Ocean tides

Ocean tide is one of the interesting phenomena regarding liquid. It occurs because of the gravitational pull of moon and sun which make the ocean water acts.

Liquid Facts 8: seawater

The seawater liquid is different with freshwater that you drink at home. The seawater is seen on the ocean or sea. It contains 35 gram of dissolved salt on every kilogram of seawater.

Liquid Water

Liquid Water

Liquid Facts 9: Nile River

Nile River is considered as the longest river in the world. The length is 6650 km.

Liquid Facts 10: Amazon River

Amazon River is the second longest river in the world. The length of this river is 4000 miles or 6400 km.



Missouri River is the longest river in US. The length is 3,770 km or 2,340 miles. Are you interested with facts about liquid?

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