10 Interesting Genetic Engineering Facts

Monday, February 10th 2014. | Science

If you love science, let’s read the whole genetic engineering facts. Genetic engineering is not only applied on animals but also on plants. The first genetic engineering developed for animal was seen in 1980s. Find out the true facts about genetic engineering in the following post:

Genetic Engineering Facts 1: what is genetic engineering?

Can you define genetic engineering?  It is used for introducing new traits or characteristics in an organism by utilizing rDNA or recombinant DNA.

Genetic Engineering Facts 2: rDNA technology

Genetic engineering involves rDNA technology. It is used to splice the pieces of DNA. The organism will have a new property.

Genetic Engineering facts

Genetic Engineering facts

Genetic Engineering Facts 3: rDNA construct

rDNA construct is a term used to call the spliced piece of DNA. The animal which has an rDNA is called the GE animal. It has a new characteristic.

Genetic Engineering Facts 4: agriculture

As I have stated before genetic engineering is not only seen in animals but also in plants. You can see that it is widely used in agricultural world. The scientist uses it to make the soy and corn resistant to diseases.

Genetic Engineering Research

Genetic Engineering Research

Genetic Engineering Facts 5: medicine

Genetic engineering is also functional for medicine purpose. It can be used to produce microbes which are beneficial for pharmaceutical products.

Genetic Engineering Facts 6: food processing

Another beneficial effect of genetic engineering is seen on the food processing. The people can use this system to assist the process of cheese making, baking and brewing food.

Genetic Engineering Science

Genetic Engineering Science

Genetic Engineering Facts 7: pharmaceuticals

Genetic engineering is very important in the field of pharmaceuticals.  The products can be used for animals and human if it is approved by FDA.

Genetic Engineering Facts 8: environmental impact

By using the genetic engineering, people can reduce the environmental impact. The amount of chemical that the farmers used to protect the plants from the pests is reduced gradually. The water and air pollution will be banished with the pest resistant plants.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering Facts 9: efficient and healthy food

The foods produced by the farmer using the genetic engineering plants are considered healthier and more efficient.

Genetic Engineering Facts 10: disease resistance animal

It means that they can resist to climate change and disease.

Genetic Engineerings

Genetic Engineerings

The food and plants eaten by the people today processed through GE are safe as long as   they have the FDA mark. Are you interested with facts about genetic engineering?

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