10 Interesting Circle Facts

Friday, December 6th 2013. | Science

Circle facts present the interesting information about one of the mathematical shapes. It has been attractive for some people to learn about circle.  You can find out the dimension of circle by using the mathematic pattern. Here are the surprising facts about circle.

Circle Facts 1: degree

The fraction of a circle is a degree. In each of an imaginary circle, you can find 360 degree. Each degree can define the surface of the earth.

Circle Facts 2: one side shape

The one sided shape with an area is only owned by a circle.

Circle facts

Circle facts

Circle Facts 3: an infinite area

An infinite area is owned by a circle. It also has a straight line. You can also see some lines of symmetry.

Circle Facts 4: angles

If you look at rectangle or square, it has some angles.  If you look at a circle, you will find no angles. You can find some real examples of a circle in the shape of a dimmer plate, coin and a wheel.



Circle Facts 5: diameter

Each circle has a diameter. It is defined with the distance across a circle through the center of the circle.

Circle Facts 6: radius and diameter

If you want to know the radius of a circle, you just have to know the diameter.  A diameter is twice as long as a radius. If you have a diameter in 8 inches, the radius is 4 inches.

Pizza in Circle

Pizza in Circle

Circle Facts 7: three parts of planes

There are three parts of plane that a circle divides. The planes can be divided on the point on the circle, the points inside the circle and the points outside the circle.

Circle Facts 8: encyclopedia

Do you know the meaning of the word encyclopedia? It is circle of learning.

wasting time quote

wasting time quote

Circle Facts 9: rotating circle

The behavior of an animal is also defined based on the rotating circle. You can see a group of army ants. They will die because of exhaustion when they set separated in pheromone track. The ants will keep moving in circle rotation.

Circle Facts 10: human being and circle

Human being is not equipped with an instinctive sense of direction. It makes them walk in circle and circle due to the lack of navigational clues.



When people walk in circles, they will be exhausted because of dizziness. This condition is called as geomancy. Do you have more info on facts about circle?

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