10 Interesting Rock Facts

Sunday, June 16th 2013. | Earth

Rock facts in the post below give you fascinating information about the earth. There are many things on earth that people can explore. One of them is rock. The rock is beneficial to human of being. You can use it for improving the styles of your house and construct many commercial building. Here are facts about rock that you need to consider:

Rock Facts 1: Rock

Can you tell how a rock is created? You can find an igneous rock when magma deep down in the earth cools and forms a hard substance called igneous rock. There are three different rocks to learn. They are igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks.

Rock Facts 2: Sedimentary Rocks

There are many types of sedimentary rocks in the world. Some of them include greywacke, mudstone, flint, chalk and sandstone. You can see them on the bottom of ocean and lakes. You can find them creating layers of rock.

Rock Cycle

Rock Cycle

Rock Facts 3: Igneous Rocks

Let me tell you some examples of igneous rocks. They are pumice, basalt, granite, obsidian, gabbro, and many more. Dont forget that rock cannot be separated from mineral. See the differences on mineral facts.

Rock Facts 4: Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic rocks in the world include slate, granulite, schist, marble, and quartzite. Igneous rock basalt is used to create metamorphic rock granulite. Marble is a metamorphic rock constructed from sedimentary rock limestone.

Rock Facts

Rock Facts

Rock Facts 5: Basalt

The most common rock on earth is basalt. It can be found abundant on earth.

Rock Facts 6: Lapis Lazul

Lapis lazul is one of the important rocks for ancient people in Egypt. The blue color is magnificent. They used it as eye shadow. Many ancient people also used the stone to make jewelry. To know more about Egyptian culture, read facts about Egypt.



Rock Facts 7: Meteorites

The scientists on earth can learn more about the solar system by analyzing the rock from space called meteorites.

Rock Facts 8: Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a very famous place in the world. You can see it by visiting India. The building is magnificent for it was created from marble. It was built around 1632 to 1654.

Types of Rocks

Types of Rocks

Rock Facts 9: Harrison Schmitt

Harrison Schmitt is an important man in the history. He had collected some rock samples from the moon. Because of this man, scientists can analyze many things about moon. He was in the mission with Apollo 17.

Rock Facts 10: Usage of Rocks

Rock has been used for many different purposes since million years ago. The early tools and weapons of the primitive people were made from rock. They made it sharp to hunt the animal and protect themselves.

Kinds of Rocks

Kinds of Rocks

More than 50 percent of the earth crust is made from rock. You can see it spreading around the world beneath the ocean or even on the land. Even though rock is not really expensive if you compare it with mineral like diamond or ruby,   rock is very functional. Without this material, it will be hard for you to construct a new building. What do you think on the facts about rock above?

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