10 Interesting Nicotine Facts

Wednesday, August 27th 2014. | Science

Nicotine Facts give the detail facts about the dangerous substance in the cigarette.  People are recommended not to smoke because it can damage the lung and heart. Nicotine in the cigarette can lead into addiction. The body will feel bad when you suddenly stop smoking. Let me give you facts about nicotine by reading the following post below:

Nicotine Facts 1: the source of nicotine

Tobacco is always considered as the main source of nicotine. Therefore, cigarette is created from tobacco. But some vegetables also contain small amount of nicotine. You can find it in potatoes, tomatoes, cocoa leaves and eggplants.

Nicotine Facts 2: toxic

Consuming the significant amount of nicotine is not good for the body. Nicotine is just like caffeine. It can be found in some insecticide products. Therefore, some insects can be killed by using nicotine.

Nicotine Brain

Nicotine Brain

Nicotine Facts 3: hitting the brain

The nicotine will be come to the brain in only 7 seconds after you inhale the cigarette. When you smoke cigarette, it means that the nicotine was burnt below the boiling point.

Nicotine Facts 4: pleasure feeling

When people smoke, they enjoy pleasure feeling. This feeling is similar when you inhale and take heroin or cocaine. Therefore, people get addicted to smoke cigarette. It can maintain the dopamine level. Some people feel alert, calm and relaxed when smoking.

Nicotine Cigarrete

Nicotine Cigarrete

Nicotine Facts 5: effect of nicotine

You can enjoy increased memory level and concentration after you smoke.  This effect can last from 5 minutes to 2 hours. Some people addicted to nicotine and want to enjoy the pleasure feeling continuously have to smoke regularly. In 24 hours, they can take 20 cigarettes. It can increase the rate of having lung cancer. Check lung cancer facts here.

Nicotine Facts 6: quick and deep puffs

The deep puffs can produce the relaxing effect for the body. The quick puffs will generate the stimulating effect on the mind.

Nicotine Facts

Nicotine Facts

Nicotine Facts 7: effect of nicotine

Let’s find out the effect of nicotine for human being. Do you know that the metabolism system is increased if you smoke a lot of nicotine? Moreover, it can reduce the appetite of the people. There are some women and men who want to reduce weight decide to smoke to lose some pounds.

Nicotine Facts 8: lethal dosage

The lethal dosage of nicotine to human being is around 50 mg.   You can get 1.5 mg of nicotine inside a cigarette.

Nicotine Pic

Nicotine Pic

Nicotine Facts 9: Sudden Death Infant Syndrome

The pregnant women are not recommended to smoke for it can lead into Sudden Death Infant Syndrome. The exposure of nicotine to the infants can increase the risk of netopathological changes.

Nicotine Facts 10: nicotine dependent

If you are very dependent on nicotine, you can do many ways to avoid focusing on nicotine. You can use dermal patches, nasal spray, hums or lozenges.



The self medicate effort of the schizophrenics is conducted by smoking.  There are 82 percent of the patients doing this. What do you think on facts about nicotine?

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