10 Interesting Pascal’s Triangle Facts

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If you like with mathematics, you need to check out Pascal’s Triangle Facts. This triangle is very important to learn in Mathematics. It gets the name from Blaise Pacsal. He was a French mathematician. Actually there were many other mathematicians who had studied this triangle before Pascal in Italy, Germany, China and Italy. Here are some facts about Pascal’s Triangle for you:

Pascal’s Triangle Facts 1: name

Pascal’s Triangle actually was well known before Pascal developed the sets of number. The triangle was not something new for the people at home. But the first person who could organize the information on the number is Blaise Pascal. He elaborated the number in Traité du triangle arithmétique (1653). Therefore, it is called Pascal’s Triangle. Get facts about Blaise Pascal here.

Pascal’s Triangle Facts 2: the origin of the number

Do you know the origin of numbers in Pascal’s Triangle? They came from the Greeks’ study of figurate numbers and combinatory and binomial numbers from the Indian studies.

Pascal Pic

Pascal Pic

Pascal’s Triangle Facts 3: the Pascal triangle in Persia/Iran

Some mathematicians form Iran also discussed about Pascal triangle. Both were Al-Karaji and Omar Khayyám. The triangle at that time was called Khayyam triangle or Khayyam-Pascal triangle in the country.

Pascal’s Triangle Facts 4: Pascal’s triangle

The Chinese people knew the Pascal’s Triangle from the work of Jia Xian. He was the Chinese mathematician who instructed the triangle in the beginning of 11th century.

Pascal Pics

Pascal Pics

Pascal’s Triangle Facts 5: Yang Hui’s triangle

Yang Hui’s triangle is very famous in China. This work is based on Pascal Triangle. It was developed by Yan Hui in 13th century.

Pascal’s Triangle Facts 6: Pascal’s Traité du triangle arithmétique

Pascal’s Traité du triangle arithmétique or Treatise on Arithmetical Triangle was published in 1665. Pascal was famous because of this work. He presented the ways to solve the problem in probability theory.



Pascal’s Triangle Facts 7: the name of triangle

The person who called the triangle as Pascal triangle was Pierre Raymond de Montmort. He called it “Table de M. Pascal pour les combinaisons”. The modern western name for the triangle was coined by Abraham de Moivre. He named it “Triangulum Arithmeticum PASCALIANUM”.

Pascal’s Triangle Facts 8: binomial expansions

If you study binomial expansions, the coefficients will be determined by Pascal’s triangle.

Pascal's Triangle Facts

Pascal’s Triangle Facts

Pascal’s Triangle Facts 9: pattern of numbers

There are many patterns of number in Pascal triangle. Therefore, it is not easy to study.

Pascal’s Triangle Facts 10: the diagonal form

Pascal’s triangle also has the diagonals. They are the figurate numbers of simplices.

Pascal's Triangle

Pascal’s Triangle

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