10 Interesting the Element Zinc Facts

Tuesday, May 10th 2016. | Science

If you want to know the first element located on the 12th column of periodic table, check The Element Zinc Facts. Since the ancient time, the people have been familiar with Zinc. The atomic weight of zinc is 65.38, while it has the atomic number 30. The symbol of Zinc in the periodic table is Zn. Here are other interesting facts about Zinc below:

The Element Zinc Facts 1: the properties of zinc

The boiling point of zinc is 1665 degrees F or 907 degrees C.  It has the melting point at 787 degrees F or 419 degrees C. The solid density of zinc is 71.4 grams per cm cube. When you keep zinc at the room temperature, it is classified in transition metal phase. Compared other metals, the melting and boiling points of zinc are relatively small.

The Element Zinc Facts 2: electron, neutrons and protons

Can you tell me the number of protons, neutrons and electrons of zinc? It has 34 neutrons and 30 protons. The number of electrons is 30.

The Element Zinc Image

The Element Zinc Image

The Element Zinc Facts 3: the characteristics of zinc in standard condition

It has bluish white color when zinc is kept under standard condition. The texture of this transition metal is brittle and hard.

The Element Zinc Facts 4: malleable zinc

You can make the zinc malleable if you keep this chemical element at the temperature above 100 degrees C.  The texture of zinc will be less brittle too.

The Element Zinc Pictures

The Element Zinc Pictures

The Element Zinc Facts 5: zinc and air

Zinc will have a chemical reaction with carbon dioxide when it is exposed to air. The reaction will resist the presence of zinc carbonate. The further reaction will not occur because of the production of a thin layer of zinc carbonate.

The Element Zinc Facts 6: the natural form of Zinc

Zinc is discovered in minerals. The pure form of zinc is not available on earth. It is considered as the 24th most abundant element on earth. Most of them are found on earth’s crust. The small amount of zinc can be found on the air and ocean water.

The Element Zinc Facts

The Element Zinc Facts

The Element Zinc Facts 7: minerals for Zinc production

There are several minerals which contain high amount of zinc. The industries mine the minerals to get Zinc. Those include wurtzite, hemimorphite, smithsonite and sphalerite. Check facts about tellurium here.

The Element Zinc Facts 8: sphalerite

The highest percentage of zinc can be found in sphalerite. Therefore, it is mostly mined from mineral.

Facts about The Element Zinc

Facts about The Element Zinc

The Element Zinc Facts 9: the production of zinc

China, Australia and Peru are the primary producers of zinc. Get fact about element bromine here.

The Element Zinc Facts 10: the usage of zinc

More than 50 percent of zinc production is used for galvanizing material.

The Element Zinc

The Element Zinc

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