10 Interesting Boron Facts

Sunday, November 24th 2013. | Science

Boron facts are useful for the people who want to get information about it. There are many people who are interested to get facts about. Therefore, I want to discuss further here.

Boron Facts 1: atom

Although you want to review about boron, you need to know first about this type of element. You may notice that it is the black and semi metallic element. It has 5 atomic number and 5 protons in the nucleus.

Boron Facts 2: the isolation

Some people have already recognized about the fact that boron is an element isolated by three people. Those are Sir Humphrey Davy, Louis Jaques Thenard, and also Joseph Louis Gay Lussac. The isolation involved the creation of boric acid reaction actually.

Boron facts

Boron facts

Boron Facts 3: the compounds

You can find out the facts that there are compounds of boron including boric acid, colemanite, borates, borax, ulexite, and many others. So, learning boron enables you to recognize the compounds in the element.

Boron Facts 4: official language

The people who want to learn about Chile should know the official language of this country. It is Spanish. There are also some dialects as well. The country was under the rule of Spanish so that the official language used here is Spanish.

Boron shape

Boron shape

Boron Facts 5: rare element

Well, there is a fact that boron is a rare element in the solar system. Boron only has the part within earth crust such as 0.001%. Yet, the compounds are common to occur.

Boron Facts 6: pure boron

You can find out that pure boron is hard to produce. You can find out that many experts cannot even produce pure boron in laboratory conditions. Although it is hard to produce, you notice that pure boron is not impossible to produce.

Boron usage

Boron usage

Boron Facts 7: medical purpose

Boron has been used by Florentines for the sake of medical purposes. The element has been applied as sal sedativum.

Boron Facts 8:  heterodiamond

You can notice a compound called heterodiamond. It is a hard and heat resistant compound consisting of nitrogen and carbon.



Boron Facts 9: the presence

Boron presents in 100 minerals within the earth. Those mineral are very difficult to study.

Boron Facts 10: boric acid

You can find out the fact that boric acid is one of most important compounds within boron. It is used mostly as the pesticides.

brown boron

brown boron

There are many different reasons why facts about Boron are important for you. The main reason is because it can help people to learn better about the element.

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