10 Interesting Mineral Facts

Monday, June 3rd 2013. | Earth

You will be amazed with the mineral facts found on earth. This type of mines is beneficial to the life on human being for it can be used to make a floor or even wall material. Mineral can be found spreading around the earth’s surface. You will never face any difficulties to find the mineral. However, most mineral is located in dangerous place like on earth crust. If you want to see the various types of mineral on earth, I suggest you to work in mining operation for you will be involved with various mining locations. Here are some mineral facts to concern:

Mineral Facts 1: Rock

Mineral is used to form a rock. But you need to have at least two minerals to create a rock. However, mineral is not created from a rock. This correlation should come on your mind for mineral and rock are two different things. See rock facts for detail info.

Mineral Facts 2: How Many Minerals in the World?

The scientists estimate that there is more than 3000 minerals spreading on earth. We do not know whether those minerals have been identified or not.



Mineral Facts 3: Quartz and Basalt

If you want to know the most common rock on earth, you need to find basalt. The most common mineral found on the earth surface is called as Quartz.

Mineral Facts 4: Diamond

Diamond is considered an expensive thing to have. Even though it looks shining, sparkling and beautiful, this hardest natural substance is always utilized to slash other diamonds.

Mineral Facts

Mineral Facts

Mineral Facts 5: Marble

Marble can be seen donning the big and luxury house for it is good to treat your fancy floor to look luxury and nice. Marble is created naturally from the metamorphosed carbonate rock. It is textured and water resistant.

Mineral Facts 6: Breccia

Probably Breccia is not a common word to hear. This is an important rock made from the sharp and large cemented fragments.



Mineral Facts 7: Gold in Australia

One of the most precious minerals that you can get is gold. The price of gold from time to time is increased. People love to use gold to for nice jewelry. Based on the previous report, it is stated that the biggest pure gold nugget discovery occurred in Australia in 1869. This valuable mineral was 156 pounds. Read desert facts to find more info about gold.

Mineral Facts 8: Geodes

Have you ever seen geodes? If you look at it from the outside, you can see a sedimentary rock. Inside, you will be amazed with its pretty sparkling crystal.

Quartz Crystal

Quartz Crystal

Mineral Facts 9: Feldspar

A large group of mineral occurred on earth is called as Feldspar. This group occupies more than 50 percent of earth’s crust.

Mineral Facts 10: Jade and other minerals

The first mineral ever recorded has been found in Mesopotamia in 5000 BC. It is a kind of turquoise that people utilized to create beads. The ancient people used jade to make sharp and strong items like hammers, knives, fish hooks and axes.

Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire

Mineral is very beneficial of the life of human being not only in this present day but also in the past. The ancient people used it for various purposes for jewelry, weapon and eye shadows. By reading the facts about mineral above, you will concern more about the things on your environment.

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