10 Interesting Zirconium Facts

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The chemical element with the atomic number 40 is explained on Zirconium Facts. It is symbolized as Zr. The significant source of Zirconium is the mineral zircon. This strong transition metal has the grey white and lustrous characteristics. The uses of Zirconium are for alloying agent, opacifier and refractory. This element is available in a number of compounds. The examples are zirconocene dichloride and zirconium dioxide.

Zirconium Facts 1: isotopes

Zirconium has five natural isotopes. Only three of them are the stable isotopes.

Zirconium Facts 2: the characteristics

Zirconium has a number of characteristics. This metal is malleable, ductile, soft and lustrous. It has the greyish-white color.

Zirconium Facts

Zirconium Facts

Zirconium Facts 3: the solid form

The solid form of Zirconium is available when it is kept at room temperature. The powder form of Zirconium is more risky to ignition than the solid form. If it has lesser purities, Zirconium is brittle and hard.

Zirconium Facts 4: the impressive feature

The impressive feature of Zirconium is spotted on its resistance to corrosion. The agents like salt water, acids and alkalis will not corrode zirconium. Get facts about Xenon here.

Zirconium Image

Zirconium Image

Zirconium Facts 5: dissolved zirconium

You can use fluorine, sulfuric acid and hydrochloric to dissolve zirconium. The boiling point of zirconium is 7900 degrees F or 4371 degrees C. The melting point is measured at 3371 degrees F or 1855 degrees C.

Zirconium Facts 6: electronegativity

According to Pauling scale, Zirconium has the electronegativity at 1.33. However, hafnium, yttrium, lanthanum, and actinium have higher electronegativity than zirconium.



Zirconium Facts 7: the isotopes

There are five isotopes of Zirconium. The stable ones are 94Zr, 92Zr, 91Zr, and 90Zr. The most common one is 90Zr, which accounts for 51.45 percent of the total zirconium. The least common one was 96Zr, which only makes up 2.8 percent. This element also has 28 artificial isotopes. The longest-lived one is 93Zr. The heaviest one is 110Zr. Look at facts about Yttrium here.

Zirconium Facts 8: the concentration

The concentration of Zirconium is around 130 mg per kilogram on the earth’s crust.

Zirconium Pic

Zirconium Pic

Zirconium Facts 9: distribution of Zirconium

Zirconium is found in various parts of the world like in US, Russia, India, Brazil, Australia, and South Africa.

Zirconium Facts 10: the production

The total global production of Zirconium reached 900,000 tones. South Africa and Australia have around two-thirds of the zircon mines in 2013. Kosnarite and baddeleyite are the other minerals, which also contain zirconium.

Facts about Zirconium

Facts about Zirconium

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