10 Interesting Xenon Facts

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The element with the chemical symbol Xe will be explained on Xenon Facts. It has the atomic number of 54. In the atmosphere of earth, Xe is discovered in trace amount. It is characterized with odorless, dense and colorless nature. A number of chemical reactions may occur even though it is not generally reactive. You will know more about the use of Xenon and isotopes by reading the below post.

Xenon Facts 1: the primary uses

Can you mention the primary uses of Xenon?  It has been used for various lamps such as arc lamps and flash lamps used to enhance the beauty of houses or landscape.

Xenon Facts 2: the lasing medium

Xe2 is used as the lasing medium in the first excimer laser design. The xenon flash lamp was functioned as pumps in the first laser designs.

Facts about Xenon

Facts about Xenon

Xenon Facts 3: other uses

Xenon has been used for various purposes. It is applied in spacecraft as a propellant. When the scientists want to find the massive particles, which have weak interaction, xenon is employed. Look at facts about uranium here.

Xenon Facts 4: isotopes

Xenon has eight stable isotopes in the nature. The radioactive decay occurs on over 40 unstable isotopes of xenon.


Xenon Facts

Xenon Facts

Xenon Facts 5: the solar system

When the scientists want to study the history of solar system, they use the isotopes ratios of xenon as the primary tool.

Xenon Facts 6: the density

The density of xenon gas is measured at 5,761 kilogram per m3. The density reaches 3.100 gram per ml if it comes in a form of liquid. The liquid xenon is considered as an impressive solvent because it contains the large atomic volume. The solid xenon has the density of 3.640 gram per cm3.

Xenon Images

Xenon Images

Xenon Facts 7: dissolved material

You dissolve xenon with other materials such as water, biological molecules and hydrocarbons.

Xenon Facts 8: a trace gas

Xenon is noted as a trace gas in the atmosphere of earth. The global production of xenon was around 5,000 to 7,000 meter square in 1998. Compared to the lighter noble gases, the price of xenon is more costly. Get facts about vanadium here.

Xenon Pictures

Xenon Pictures

Xenon Facts 9: the abundant xenon

Xenon is an abundant gas in the atmosphere of Jupiter. Compared to the sun, Jupiter has 2.6 times higher amount of xenon.

Xenon Facts 10: xenon flash lamps

Xenon flash lamps feature the xenon. In 1960, a xenon flash lamp was used to pump the first solid-state laser.

Xenon Pic

Xenon Pic

Are you well informed after reading facts about xenon?

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