10 Interesting Ice Facts

Friday, April 4th 2014. | Science

Let’s take a look at the ice facts if you want to broaden the knowledge about the features of our earth. You can find ice on the cold areas such as Alaska, North Pole, Greenland or even Newfoundland. If you look at your refrigerator, you can also find ice. Here are the interesting facts about ice:

Ice Facts 1: ice block

On August 13th 1849, people were very surprised to know that a 6 meter ice block falls to the earth at that time. It is considered as the largest piece of ice falling to earth. This event occurred in Scotland.

Ice Facts 2: snow and ice

It is estimated that the land surface of earth is covered with 21 million square kilometer of ice and snow. It means that ice and snow occupy 12 percent of the earth surface.

Ice Blocks

Ice Blocks

Ice Facts 3: snow

Snow is the source of ice in some four season countries. You need to stay inside when there is a snow storm. There is at least 40 million tons of snow dropped on earth when there is a snowstorm.

Ice Facts 4: the most powerful snowstorm

The most powerful snowstorm in the world occurred from 13th o 19th February 1959 in Mt Shasta Ski Bowl California.  It produced 4.8 meter of ice.

Ice Facts

Ice Facts

Ice Facts 5: freshwater

Ice and snow that you can find on earth are the source of the fresh water. More than 80 percent of the freshwater comes in the form of ice.

Ice Facts 6: ice cover

You can find ice not only on the land but also on the ocean. It occupies 7 percent of ocean. In the land of the earth, ice occupies 10 percent of the area.

Ice in Pole

Ice in Pole

Ice Facts 7: water

Ice actually is the solid form of water. Ice can float on the water since it comes in the solid from. You can make ice at home by freezing water on the refrigerator.

Ice Facts 8: color

You can find that the sea ice comes in the white color. Bright white color on the ice is functional since it can keep the ocean cool by reflecting back the sunlight.

Ice Melts

Ice Melts

Ice Facts 9: Algae

Algae can be seen growing between the cracks of the ice. That’s why the small animals can survive. They can eat algae.

Ice Facts 10: books

Ice has been used in many kinds of fiction books. You can read Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut to know more about ice.

Iceberg Pic

Iceberg Pic

The ice cube that you create at home is very commercial. People use it to mix with their beer, soda, and coke cool. Do you have any opinion on facts about ice?

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