10 Interesting Cobalt Facts

Wednesday, December 11th 2013. | Science

Cobalt facts are some sources of information about this element. Do you want to learn about chemical? In this case, you can consider reading more info about facts related to the element from this article. The information is useful as well for those who simply want to learn about it.

Cobalt Facts 1: stats

Cobalt has atomic number of 27. The atomic symbol is Co. Cobalt also has atomic weight of 58.933195. The melting point is 2,723 F or 1,495 C. The boiling point of this element is 5,300.6 F (2,927 C). These stats become basic fact to learn.

Cobalt Facts 2: word origin

Next important fact is about the origin of name. Cobalt comes from German language “Kobald”. It refers to evil spirit. It also refers to goblin. The people also say that it comes from Greek word “Cabalos”. It means also the mine.



Cobalt Facts 3: history

You need to learn the history of cobalt. It is founded by George Brandt. He actually discovered cobalt in the year 1735. To learn better, you can read from the internet actually or from any text book out there.

Cobalt Facts 4: table of elements

In fact, cobalt is very hard element. It is considered as brittle element. This represents the most about nickel or iron. If you look on periodic table of elements, it is placed at Group 9.

cobalt Atom

cobalt Atom

Cobalt Facts 5: metallic permeability

Cobalt is the permeability of metal. It is approximately two-thirds of iron. This occurs because of the mixture of 2 allotropic forms. The forms transform slower than others. It makes them gaining huge variation.

Cobalt Facts 6: radioactive isotope

There is cobalt-60 which is the artificial of radioactive isotope. It produces the gamma rays. In the aspect of function, it has the purpose as the tracer. People also often use it as radio therapeutic agent.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Facts 7: source of cobalt

You can find cobalt in several minerals including erythrite, smaltite, and also cobaltite. Cobalt can also become the product of lead, iron, silver, copper ores, and also nickel. The biggest ore deposits of cobalt are found in Canada, Morocco, and Zaire.

Cobalt Facts 8:  other source

There is another source of cobalt. It is in ocean waters. The location is around the Hawaiian Islands and some territories of United States. This data is based on the Geological Survey. You can find such information from any different sources actually.



Cobalt Facts 9: usage

Cobalt is certain element which has hard form. It can be used to resist oxidation. People commonly use this as industrial alloys. The element is used as the gas turbine generators and also jet turbines. Cobalt also is used as the make of Alnico.

Cobalt Facts 10: cobalt salt

There are cobalt salts which can produce cobalt blue. It produces permanent blue color. This is used as the main material of porcelain, pottery, glass, enamels, and also tiles.

Cobalt facts

Cobalt facts

Based on the facts about Cobalt, people indeed can learn more about the element. It is good to study about chemistry.

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