10 Interesting Light Facts

Saturday, June 14th 2014. | Science

Let’s find out light facts if you want to enjoy the amazing trivia about optics, sunlight, color and speed of light. The life of human being is also dependent on light. Without sunlight, people can do nothing in this world.  Here are the facts about light for you:

Light Facts 1: electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is called as a light if you see the definition based on the physics. However, the light that we see in our daily life is considered as a part of the electromagnetic spectrum which can be seen by human eyes. This light is called as the visible spectrum.

Light Facts 2: UV light

It is not easy for human being to see the UV or Ultraviolet light if they do not use a special tool. There are some animals in the world which can see the parts of light which cannot be received by humans eyes.  For instance, the UV light can be seen by some insects.

Light Facts

Light Facts

Light Facts 3: infrared light

Another type of light which cannot be seen by human eyes is the wavelength of the infrared light. If due to the fact that infrared light is too long to see.

Light Facts 4: UV light

Do you know the function of UV light to the life of human being? Many forensic scientists utilize the UV light to show the people the things that they cannot see using the eyes.

Light from Candles

Light from Candles

Light Facts 5: optics

Optics is a branch of physics which studies the behavior and properties of light. Check light bulb facts here.

Light Facts 6: Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton is the scientist who made an observation about colors of light. His research involves a glass prism which is hit by a thin beam of sunlight. The angle of the glass prism produces some visible colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. People call it ROYGBIV.

Light from Sun

Light from Sun

Light Facts 7: Light travels

You should never be surprised to find out that light can travel very fast. The speed of light in an empty matter can travel 300,000 km per second or 186,000 miles per second.

Light Facts 8: travel of light

The fastest speed of light is in vacuum area. If the light travels in air, water and glass area, it is usually slower.

Light Natural

Light Natural

Light Facts 9: light from earth to moon

Can you guess the traveling time of light from earth to reach the moon? It only needs 1,255 seconds.

Light Facts 10: ocean

Sunlight is the primary source of light to human’s life. It can break the ocean at the depth of 262 feet or 80 m.



Plants need sunlight when they want to make food and produce oxygen. The process is called photosynthetic. Are you interested with facts about light?

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