10 Interesting Yttrium Facts

Wednesday, July 12th 2017. | Science

Yttrium Facts is a chemical element, which has the atomic number 39. In the periodic table, it is symbolized Y. People call it as a rare element on earth. You will never find this element in its free state. It is mostly found as a compound with lanthanide element. The only isotope of Yttrium on the earth’s crust and the only stable one is 89 Y. You have to check the whole post for details about Yttrium facts:

Yttrium Facts 1: Carl Axel Arrhenius

A new mineral was discovered by Carl Axel Arrhenius in 1787 in Sweden nearby Ytterby. He decided to name the new mineral after the village. He called it Ytterby.

Yttrium Facts 2: Arrhenius’ sample

After studying the sample of Arrheniun, yttrium’s oxide was founded by Johan Gadolin in 1789. The new oxide was called yttria by Anders Gustaf Ekeberg. Friedrich Wöhler was successful to isolate the elemental yttrium in 1828.

facts about Yttrium

facts about Yttrium

Yttrium Facts 3: the uses

Yttrium is an important element. When people want to make red phosphors for CTR displays for TV and LEDs, they will use Yttrium.

Yttrium Facts 4: other uses

Yttrium is also applied for other purposes. It is used to create lasers, electrodes, electronic filters, electrolytes, medical applications, superconductors, and others. Get facts about yeast here.

Yttrium Gadolin

Yttrium Gadolin

Yttrium Facts 5: lung disease

Human being may develop lung diseases because of too much exposure on Yttrium.

Yttrium Facts 6: the characteristics

Yttrium is included in-group 3. It has silver metallic color. The texture is soft. In the air, this element is not stable. If you heat this metal in nitrogen with the temperature at 1000 degrees C, YN or Yttrium nitride will be formed.

Yttrium Image

Yttrium Image

Yttrium Facts 7: the global production

The global production of Yttrium was 600 tonnes in 2001. It was enhanced into 7,000 tons in 2014.

Yttrium Facts 8: in 2014

The world’s reserves of Yttrium reached 500,000 tons. China, Australia, US, India and Brazil are the major countries which dominate the production of Yttrium in the world. Find facts about Xenon here.

Yttrium PIc

Yttrium PIc

Yttrium Facts 9: Garnets

A number of synthetic garnets are produced by using Yttrium. The hardness of Yttrium aluminum garnet is measured at 8.5.

Yttrium Facts 10: medical application

As I have stated before, this element has been used in a number of medical applications. A number of cancers like bone, pancreatic, ovarian, and liver cancers can be treated using Yttrium Y 90 ibritumomab tiuxetan and Yttrium Y 90-DOTA-tyr3-octreotide.



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