10 Interesting Uranium Facts

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Uranium Facts present the information about the chemical element with the atomic number 92 and symbol U. In the periodic table, it is put in the actinide series. This silvery-white metal has 92 electrons and 92 protons. Due to unstable isotopes, this element is included as a weakly radioactive. Uranium-238 is the most common isotope. Almost 99 percent of the natural uranium is occupied by uranium-238.  It contains 146 neutrons. On the other hand, the 143 neutrons are available on the uranium-235. Get other interesting facts about uranium by reading the below post:

Uranium Facts 1: the weight and density

Compared to lead, uranium is 70 percent denser. However, it has lower density compared to tungsten and gold.

Uranium Facts 2: the natural occurrence of uranium

Uranium can be found in water, rock and soil in a very low concentration. Uraninite is one of the uranium-bearing minerals, which contain the element.

Uranium Pic

Uranium Pic

Uranium Facts 3: the decaying process

An alpha article will be emitted slowly during the uranium decaying process. The uranium-235 has the half-life of 740 million years. On the other hand, uranium-238 has the half-life of 4.47 billion years.

Uranium Facts 4: the contemporary uses of uranium

The nuclear properties of uranium are unique. That is why it is used in the contemporary world. When an industry wants to create a nuclear reactor, the fissile plutonium-239 should be transmuted from uranium-238.

Uranium Pictures

Uranium Pictures

Uranium Facts 5: uranium-233

Another isotope of uranium, which contributes to the development of nuclear technology, is uranium-233. The natural thorium can be used to produce it.

Uranium Facts 6: 238U

238U is often employed for the development of armor plating and kinetic energy penetrators. It may also generate the green and yellow lemon color used in the production of uranium glass. In the ultraviolet light, the green tone is seen on the uranium glass. During the beginning of photography, uranium was used for the shading and tinting.



Uranium Facts 7: Martin Heinrich Klaproth

Martin Heinrich Klaproth took the credit for the discovery of uranium in 1789. Get facts about palladium here.

Uranium Facts 8: the name

The name of the element is inspired from the name of Planet Uranus. Klaproth named the element.

Uranium Facts

Uranium Facts

Uranium Facts 9: other important scientists

Other important scientists in the discovery of Uranus are Eugène-Melchior Péligot who took the credit for isolating uranium. Get facts about the element zinc here.

Uranium Facts 10: Henri Becquerel

In 1896, Henri Becquerel discovered the radioactive properties of uranium.

Facts about Uranium

Facts about Uranium

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