10 Interesting the Ocean Floor Facts

Thursday, September 15th 2016. | Science

Find out the information about the bottom of the sea on The Ocean Floor Facts. It is also called as sea floor, seafloor or seabed. The sediment from different sources as well as the tectonic movement is considered as the common phenomena which form the ocean floor. Most seabeds have the general structure and physical form.  Let’s check other interesting facts about the ocean floor in the following post below:

The Ocean Floor Facts 1: the ocean structures

Let’s find out the information about ocean structure. It starts with a continental shelf. Then it is followed by continental slope, the abyssal plant, seabed and the primary area.

The Ocean Floor Facts 2: the continental rise

The continental rise is defined as a gradual descent located between the abyssal plain and continental slope.

Facts about The Ocean Floor

Facts about The Ocean Floor

The Ocean Floor Facts 3: the mid-ocean ridge

The mid-ocean ridge is located between continents. It is usually located in the middle of the oceans with a mountainous rise. The edge of the ridge typically features a rift.

The Ocean Floor Facts 4: the oceanic trenches

The oceanic trenches are considered as the deep valleys of the oceans. They can be found along the edges of tectonic plates. The trench is formed due to the circulation movement of the mantle.

the ocean floor images

the ocean floor images

The Ocean Floor Facts 5: hydrothermal vents

The hydrothermal vents are spotted on the oceanic trenches which feature the volcanic activity. Therefore, the hot chemicals, hot water and high pressure are released from the vents.

The Ocean Floor Facts 6: the zones of deep ocean water

There are several layers or zones which divide the deep ocean water. Each zone has different features of marine life, temperature, pressure, and salinity.

the ocean floor pic

the ocean floor pic

The Ocean Floor Facts 7: Benthos

The area called benthic zone is inhabited Benthos. The organisms can be found living in the area near, in or on the ocean floor. Check facts about Ocean here.

The Ocean Floor Facts 8: the soil layers

The biological activity which occurs in the benthic zone is influenced by the presence of soil layers in the zone like the bay mud, coral, rocky outcrops and sand bottoms.

the ocean floor facts

the ocean floor facts

The Ocean Floor Facts 9: sedimenting

The sources of sedimenting in the ocean floor can be from the activity of microorganism, land erosion, underwater volcanic ash, marine life, and sea currents. Get facts about the Atlantic Ocean here.

The Ocean Floor Facts 10: the marine life in deep sea

Some people think that the deep sea is only inhabited by few marine animals. It is not true because the deep sea bed which features the hydrothermal vents have abundant marine life.

the ocean floor photo

the ocean floor photo

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