10 Interesting Platinum Facts

Tuesday, October 28th 2014. | Science

Check out the most amazing metal in the world in Platinum Facts.  There are several prestigious items created from platinum such as watches, necklaces, rings, catalytic converters and many more.  Some items also borrow their name of this metal such as a platinum music award and platinum credit card. Get more facts about platinum in the following post below:

Platinum Facts 1: the precious metals

Platinum is included as one of the precious metals in the world. It is called as the heaviest and rarest precious metal in the world. Therefore, the cost of platinum is very high. If the platinum is mined, it can only fit the living room size.

Platinum Facts 2: gold and platinum

If you compare the total mining of platinum and gold, you must be surprised to find that more gold is mined than platinum.  Each year, people get 1,782 tons of gold. The amount of platinum is only 133 tons each year. Check out gold facts here.

Platinum Bars

Platinum Bars

Platinum Facts 3: legendary jewelers

There are many legendary jewelers who choose platinum instead of gold as the main material in their timeless designed products. Those jewelers include Tiffany, Faberge and Cartier.

Platinum Facts 4: mining process

The mining process of platinum is not easy to do due to the limited amount of platinum in the world.  The miners can only get one ounce of platinum bullion from 10 tons of ore. The process usually takes five months of mining process.

Platinum Fact

Platinum Fact

Platinum Facts 5: platinum supplies

The countries which have 90 percent of platinum supplies in the world are Russia and South Africa.

Platinum Facts 6: platinum and diamonds

There are many kinds of famous diamonds in the world such as Koh-I-Noor, Jonker I and Hope. All of them use platinum as the setting.

Platinum Facts

Platinum Facts

Platinum Facts 7:the chemical element

You can find out platinum inside the element table. It has the atomic number 78 with the symbol Pt.

Platinum Facts 8: name

The word platinum was derived from the Spanish language. It comes from the word platina. The meaning of this word is little silver.

Platinum Metal

Platinum Metal

Platinum Facts 9: investment

You can use platinum coins and bars are a source of investment. You buy the platinum bullion coins to get 99.95 percent of pure platinum.

Platinum Facts 10: the boiling and melting point

Platinum has the melting point at 3,825 °C and melting point at 1,768.4 °C.

Are you fascinated with facts about platinum?

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