10 Interesting Zachary Taylor Facts

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Zachary Taylor Facts talk about the 12th president of US. He was born on 24th November 1784 and died on 9th July 1850. He was in the presidential office in March 1849 until his death in July 1850. He began his career as an officer in US army. Then he was capable to become a major general before serving as a president.  Let us find out the details about Zachary Taylor by reading the following post below:

Zachary Taylor Facts 1: a national hero

Due to his victory during the Mexican-American War, Taylor was known as a national hero. Even though he had vogue political belief, he was capable to step into the presidential office.

Zachary Taylor Facts 2: the major focus

The major focus of Taylor during his presidency was to preserve the Union. He had no chance to do anything about slavery because he passed away after 16 months serving the term.

Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor Facts 3: the early life

During his youth, Taylor’s family relocated to Kentucky from Virginia. His family was notable planters.  Check facts about William Wallace here.

Zachary Taylor Facts 4:  joining US Army

In 1808, he joined the US army as an officer. During the War of 1812, he became a captain.

Zachary Taylor Facts

Zachary Taylor Facts

Zachary Taylor Facts 5: the rank

Taylor was capable to reach the higher rank due to his service in the war. In 1832, he was appointed as a colonel during the Black Hawk War.

Zachary Taylor Facts 6: the nickname

He was called “Old Rough and Ready” after he caught the national attention due to his successful service in Mexican-American War. Check facts about William Paley here.

Zachary Taylor Image

Zachary Taylor Image

Zachary Taylor Facts 7: Mexican-American War

In April 1846, the Mexican-American War took place due to the dispute related to the border of United States and Mexico. He was capable to drive away the Mexican troops from Texas.  The Mexican troops were defeated by his army in May.

Zachary Taylor Facts 8: popularity

Taylor earned the widespread popularity due to his service in the Mexican-American War.

Facts about Zachary Taylor

Facts about Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor Facts 9: presidential election

Taylor remains the only president of United States who came from Louisiana. He followed the presidential election in 1848 after the Whig Party was successful to convince him to take part in it. Actually, Taylor was not interested in politics. Moreover, his political belief was not clear.

Zachary Taylor Facts 10: general

During the general election, Taylor won the election by defeating other candidates.  In July 1850, he passed away because of illness related to his stomach.

Zachary Taylor Battle

Zachary Taylor Battle

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