10 Interesting William Wallace Facts

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You will get the interesting information about a Scottish knight on William Wallace Facts. He died on August 23, 1305. He played an important role in the Wars of Scottish Independence where he served as leading figure. In September 1297, Wallace and Andrew Moray were engaged at Battle of Stirling Bridge. The Scottish earned the victory over the English army. Let me show you other impressive facts about Wallace below:

William Wallace Facts 1: the post of Wallace

Wallace earned as a post as a Guardian of Scotland after the victory. In July 1298, he was engaged at the Battle of Falkirk, which marked his defeat.

William Wallace Facts 2: capture and execution

Wallace was arrested in Robroyston in August 1305. He was found guilty for crimes against the English people. He also committed high treason. Therefore, he was hanged by King Edward I.

William Wallace Images

William Wallace Images

William Wallace Facts 3: the iconic status

Though considered as a traitor, Wallace earned an iconic status in Scotland. Get facts about Kaiser Wilhelm II here.

William Wallace Facts 4: as a protagonist character

Wallace was depicted as a protagonist character by Sir Walter Scott and Jane Porter. The Wallace was an epic poem of 15th century, which also described him as a hero. The famous movie Braveheart released in 1995 also considered him as a hero. The movie is a winner of Academy award.

William Wallace Facts

William Wallace Facts

William Wallace Facts 5: King Alexander III

King Alexander III was the ruler of Scotland when Wallace grew up. The reign of the king was characterized by the stability in economy and peace.  King fell from his horse, which led into his death on March 19th, 1286.

William Wallace Facts 6: the successor

Margaret known as the Maid of Norway was the heir of Scotland for she was the granddaughter of King Alexander III. A government of guardians was created by the Scottish lords for Margaret was in Norway and she was only a child.

William Wallace

William Wallace

William Wallace Facts 7: death of Margaret

On September 26, 1290, Margaret died due to her illness when leaving Norway to reach Scotland. The death of Margaret led into the Great Cause period where a number of families tried to claim for the throne of Scotland.

William Wallace Facts 8: Lord Paramount of Scotland

King Edward I insisted to be the Lord Paramount of Scotland. The law found out that John Balliol should be handed with the throne for he had the strongest claim. Since John was a weak king, it was easy for Edward to abdicate him. Look at facts about Sir Walter Raleigh here.

William Wallace Pictures

William Wallace Pictures

William Wallace Facts 9: biography

It is hard to write biography of Wallace due to the lack of information.

William Wallace Facts 10: the detail information

The detail information about Wallace was only from his military campaign and last weeks of his life before the execution.

William Wallace 1906

William Wallace 1906

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