10 Interesting Celine Dion Facts

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Celine Dion facts are so much fun to read especially people who are really the fans of such singer. In this case, I want to provide information about any facts related to her actually. Well, just read more below actually.

Celine Dion Facts 1: career

I’m sure that people have gained good quality of understanding related to Celine Dion as a famous Canadian singer only. The fact is that she has also had other activities such as to become entrepreneur, songwriter, and also acting.

Celine Dion Facts 2: Forbes magazine

This singer, who born in March 301968, also has been listed as number 20 of 100 celebrities of the year 2007 at Forbes magazine. This indeed has made her gaining better famous indeed among any fans out there. More and More people become so much attentive about here nowadays.

Celine Dion Cover

Celine Dion Cover

Celine Dion Facts 3: Prince’s song

We all notice that Celine Dion has many songs to sing. One of the most famous songs is the one which is written by Prince entitled “with this tear”. This song is featured to her album called “Celine Dion”. I believe many of you have already recognized about it right?

Celine Dion Facts 4: Andrea Boceli

Do you know Andrea Boceli? Such tenor singer also once performed with Celine Dion together to sing “The Prayer”. Such song has been featured within album “These Are Special Time”. The collaboration indeed is very great.

Celine Dion Facts

Celine Dion Facts

Celine Dion Facts 5: the son

Any people should recognize that she also has given a birth a son named René-Charles Angélil. Actually, it has become really a gift that she had a son. It is because such son has been gained after she conducted fertility treatment.

Celine Dion Facts 6: song of family

If you review about any history within her songs, you may recognize that her first song was written by her mother, herself, and also her brother. Such song is written when she was at the age of 12 years old.

Celine Dion Performs

Celine Dion Performs

Celine Dion Facts 7: French album

You need to know about her French album which is the result of her hard work and collaboration with two producers such as Plamondon and Jean-Jacques Goldman. It is so much important for her career because those two producers have provided good contribution as well.

Celine Dion Facts 8:  academy awards

It is true that she has also has won academy awards. She won the awards for her ost of Titanic and also Beauty and the Beast. Yet, in 1996, she didn’t won the academy awards because her song lose to Madonna’s Evita.

Celine Dion Young

Celine Dion Young

Celine Dion Facts 9: my heart will go on

It is true that Celine Dion becomes more famous after her song “My Heart Will Go On” has become the main soundtrack of great movie such as Titanic. This may become so much recognizable worldwide indeed.

Celine Dion Facts 10: magazine

The fact is that she also had her own magazine. You should know about this actually.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion

In understanding facts about Celine Dion, people actually may obtain more information about her. The true fans of Celine Dion become so much concerned about this.

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