10 Interesting Irma Stern Facts

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Irma Stern Facts show you the famous South African artist. She was born in 1894 in Schweitzer-Renecke. She died on 23 August 1966 in Cape Town, South Africa. During her lifetime as an artist, she was nationally and internationally famous. Stern was the daughter of German-Jewish parents. During the South African War, his father was jailed in a concentration camp for he supported the Boer leaning. Check other interesting facts about Irma Stern below:

Irma Stern Facts 1: moving to Capet Town

Since her father was taken away, her mother decided to relocate Irma and Rudi to Cape Town. When the war ended, the family had a steady travel between Germany and South Africa. This experience became one of the main subjects which influenced the works of Irma.

Irma Stern Facts 2: the education

Stern was enrolled at Weimar Academy in Germany in 1913. She decided to study about art. She also studied at Levin-Funcke Studio in 1914. Get facts about Stephenie Meyer here.

Irma Stern Facts

Irma Stern Facts

Irma Stern Facts 3: the first exhibition

In 1919, Stern had his first exhibition. A year later, she decided to come back to Cape Town, South Africa. However, she had to struggle to be accepted as an artist in the country. In 1940s, Stern became one of the established artists here.

Irma Stern Facts 4: Dr Johannes Prinz

Dr Johannes Prinz was the former tutor of Stern. Both married in 1926. In 1934, both decided to file for divorce. Prinz was the professor at University of Cape Town.

Irma Stern Image

Irma Stern Image

Irma Stern Facts 5: traveling

Stern decided to travel a lot for she would get a lot of inspirations for her works. She had traveled to Southern Africa, Congo, Europe and Zanzibar. By visiting those places, she had a lot of collections of artifacts.

Irma Stern Facts 6: the countries that Stern had visited

Some countries that Stern had visited include France, Spain, Congo, Madeira, Central Africa, Zanzibar, Congo, and Senegal. In South Africa, she went to Eastern Cape, Namaqualand, Pondoland, and Swaziland.

Irma Stern Work

Irma Stern Work

Irma Stern Facts 7: the number of exhibitions

It was very fantastic to know that there were around 100 solo exhibitions that Stern had during her career as an artist. She had made the exhibition in England, Italy, France, South Africa and Germany.

Irma Stern Facts 8: the art in South Africa

She had to struggle hard to make her art accepted by the people and critics in South Africa. In 1920s, the critics disliked her works by saying that her ugliness as a cult in her art.

Irma Stern

Irma Stern

Irma Stern Facts 9: the museum

In 1971, Irma Stern Museum was founded. It is located at her house. She had live here for 40 years.

Irma Stern Facts 10: Bahora Girl

Bahora Girl is one of the famous works of Irma Stern. It was sold in 2010 with the price R26.7 million.

Irma Stern Pic

Irma Stern Pic

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